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Magoffin County High School Reviews

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amazing i recommend it 100 percent. all teachers are so friendly and care about your education and are always there to talk when their students need to.
Everyone at my high school goes out of their way to make you feel included. This school is perfect, I would not change anything about it.
love it. this school has taught me so much and i totally recommend it for anyone wanting to switch schools or are searching for better learning environments
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I love this school and all of the faculty. They are very helpful. They all insure we are learning while still enjoying ourself.
Magoffin county has a great school. They have very good teachers, and other workers. The sports at this school is great, they let everyone have the chance to play if they want to. We have great academics. They allow you to come after school to get tutoring, and help you study for the ACT. The guidance counselors help you in any way they can, and are always there for you when you need to talk.
Absolutely love it!!! We feel like family here. I’m comfortable with my piers and teachers. I’m able to ask questions and get answers that help me. I enjoy spectating the sports at my school and the everyone joins in to have a great time.
When you attend Magoffin County High you are not just attending a school you are attending a second home. The staff really care about the needs of each and every student. The school is well maintained and they always push the students towards success.
I love the fact that our school cares so much about our safety as students. And the fact they put metal detectors in our school. To protect us. And we have a police officer there everyday of school
What I loved about Magoffin County High School is the strictness and safety that my schools staff and faculty provides my classmates and I. As a current Student of the school I would like to see a change in the lunches.
Magoffin County High School is an excellent school for academics, sports, and clubs. After a tornado struck in 2012 heavily damaging the town of Salyersville, Magoffin County High Schoool was relocated to a brand new facility and has multiple new sports complexes. MCHS staff is very involved with the students. The teachers work hard in the classroom and after school ends. Multiple teachers volunteer to say after school hours and tutor students for the ACT or upcoming tests. Inside the classroom, teachers are always on their toes ready to teach and help a raised hand. College readiness is a big deal at MCHS. There are college readiness classes available for students who have not reached their ACT benchmarks. MCHS staff give out "Hornet's" to senior student has reached their ACT benchmarks and get to decorate them however they want and this pasted to a board in the hallway to encourage underclassmen to achieve college readiness. MCHS is a great place to learn.
Magoffin is a very good school, but could be better. Not much to do in a small school in a small town. Plus, everybody knows everybody, and I feel in some ways that can be a bad thing. Especially if there are people you are trying to get away from. Some of the teachers though are really amazing and teach well.
I like Magoffin County Highschool because everyone seems like family; you may not always talk to every student, but if you need help, you can count on them.
Unless you are a senior or play a sport, you're pretty much a benchwarmer
I feel that some teachers go way above and beyond to make sure that we actually learn from them. Though I also know that many of our teachers would be fired without the tenure program.
Our teachers and staff try to provide the best education that they can with all the ability in then
Overall, Magoffin County High is a wonderful school. I consider it a blessing to be enrolled there for my highschool years. This is a place where teachers actually want you to learn and enjoy the experience as well.
The people and staff are what makes this school rock!
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Everyone loves our Hornet pride!
I can go to my teachers or any of the staff including the principal about any problem I have!
Softball is the best thing to play.
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