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I graduated from Magnolia West High School in 2018, and was part of the first class to take a part of the International Baccalaureate Program. Although the program was very intensive and took away most of my social life, I benefited greatly from it as it prepared me well for college rigor. The teachers in the program are absolutely amazing and have impacted my life greatly.
Magnolia West High School was a great school to attend as it was diverse and offered challenging, yet exciting classes.
In my opinion Magnolia West is an excellent school. It has cool and fun ways to create memories and friends, with amazing sport programs. With a slight change to how students are taught then I believe there will be an increase of student involvement.
It is a great and beautiful school, but the food is not that good. The food gets boring and a lot of it doesn't taste that good. The teachers are amazing and great at educating. There are some bad students every year.
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I believe Magnolia West High School is a phenomenal school! They offer a wide variety of classes so that each student is comfortable with their classes. The schools staff is very big on following "No Child Left Behind." The school has many actives for students as well allowing for many opportunities as a student. Also, because Magnolia West High School is part of a small district, the school receives a lot of funding for all electives and courses! The school also has an entire team and lunge dedicated to helping every student prepare for life after high school. It also offers dual credit, ap, and ib opportunities! The only downside is that the school lacks diversity however it never seemed to be a major issue.
After attending Magnolia West for four years, all I can say is that it's a good school to attend. Most of the teachers there are nice and friendly and care about the students. The school's academics are diverse, you get to pick your own classes and by Junior and Senior year you can go into college prep classes that can transfer into college. The food there is not good and I would advise oncoming Freshman to bring their own lunch. The safety at the school is great, there are always police officers on duty all day and sometimes K-9's. Recently they made the entrance to the school more secure by adding more barriers, and I have heard rumors that the school will make the students wear ID badges in the coming years. Overall Magnolia West is a good school to attend to.
Magnolia West High School is a fantastic school with a very close-knit and reliable community. As a student that came in at the beginning of the sophomore year, the school is incredibly welcoming and eager to help new students acclimate to life there. The school is of moderate-small size with around 500 student classes. The teachers are emphatic about helping their students succeed. The advanced academics are well ran with an excess of AP classes as well as a full-fledged Diploma Program for the International Baccalaureate (IB) program. The campus has an incredibly helpful and friendly faculty and a determination to make the school the best possible place to prepare oneself for further education.
Magnolia west high school is a very extraordinary school that has so much to offer its students. Extracurricular activities like band, welding, and a wide variety of sports to choose from.
My experience at Magnolia West High School is quite welcoming, I have meet teachers that I absolutely connected with and those are teachers one never forgets. As well, meeting my best friends in my freshman year and I will absolutely miss my high school experience
I think it is a great school! I love how the teachers are continuing to teach even through these rough times.
Magnolia West H S became a place I can call home. All of the staff were very friendly, save some, and I was always happy to go there. I had mostly good teachers with a few thrown in that should had never been teachers in the first place. Overall I am very happy with the time I spent at this school and I hope to come back and visit every once in a while.
My experience at this school has had its ups and downs. Overall the the teacher for the most part are good and they try all they can to help.
Magnolia West High School, Going to west has challenged and prepared me for the future. Everything is great, you build relationships with students and teachers like no other. The sports teams are exciting and fantastic. If I could do high school all over again I wouldn’t change it at all! The teachers really care about your success. Nothing else like those Friday night lights in Magnolia Texas.
Through out my years in this high school I've enjoy the services it has provided me with. They have great teachers who are passionate about teaching the students and go far and beyond to achieve only the best for their students. The school also provides amazing help to get ready students with their future life and plans.
This school has teachers who want their students to be able to graduate and will do anything to see them walk on stage
Being at Magnolia West High School has made me the person who I am today. A person who is ready to take on the world. I was very involved in my school. I have been honored to be the captain of the cheer team and a dancer in the dance class. All of the teachers and staff was so welcoming to me when I was a freshmen. They have guide me to success and prepared me for college. I’m going to miss being a high school student at Magnolia West High School.
My experience at Magnolia West High School was reasonably good. Everything about the facility was fine as far as other topics are concerned but there were two things that simply stood out to me: the academics and various clubs. Activities or organizations offered in the institution was nice. I enjoyed being a part of the music program which actually encouraged me to study music in college. However, I feel that there could be some small improvements in adding more clubs and activities that hone in on hobbies that students like other than associations focusing on academics or athletics. The education itself is excellent. Whenever I had a difficult time on a subject, I could always get the extra help that I needed from the teachers; most tutorial schedules were flexible and the teachers offered different resources other than tutorial sessions like extra books or the ability to get help from other teachers. Overall, I would definitely recommend this high school.
The staff at the school are incredibly helpful to students, and the counseling services are supportive of mental health issues. However, the school dress codes are objectively sexist towards female students, and their are various incidents of racism throughout the school.
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Magnolia West High School has brought me many memories, both good and bad. This school allowed me to find my identity among a large student body and a relatively diverse crowd. Every year the teachers were hit or miss and I never knew what to expect each year I became enrolled in a new class. A few teachers stand out and make the rest of the staff and administration bearable but often times the administration was unwilling to help students and parents alike with struggles and issues. While it does have its flaws in these aspects Magnolia West High School offers a variety of course work allowing students to flourish academically in any way they please. This was nice along with a wide variety of sports and clubs to become involved with.
Magnolia West offers a great academic program along with a wide variety of classes to accommodate students level of learning and success.
Magnolia West is a fun school with a decent Academic culture. Many of the teachers are fantastic but there are not necessarily many resources for students looking to advanced academics and prestigious universities. There is too much focus, attention, and funding for sports and athletes. I have had some great teachers and there are many kind, smart, and friendly students. For these reasons I would say I've enjoyed my experience so far. There is good school spirit along with this athletic culture so I guess that's a plus.
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