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Magnolia Science Academy 5 Reviews

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Magnolia Science Academy 5 is a small school in Reseda. Its both middle and a high school. I would recommend it to you. The only bad thing about magnolia is that, they don't have a high school sports team. I wanted to play basketball in high school, but they still haven't offered us any sports. They also don't have lockers which sucks because we have to carry our backpacks the whole day. The coach for P.E isn't also very good because he doesn't show you what to do, but just tells you. Good things about it is that, since its a small school, you can learn more and ask more questions because its less popped. The staff and the teachers are also very nice and gives you opportunities to show your talent.
This school is awesome!!! The teachers care about the students and show it. The teachers believe in their students and want better for them. They provide plenty of resources to help them with HW. They are on top of it!! No bullying allowed for sure. Hands down a great school! I’m happy mom 😃
Magnolia Science Academy-5 is an amazing school. The staff are very welcoming to all students, no matter their background. It is a small school but that makes it even better. The students get more help and are focused on a lot. I was struggling a bit academically at the beginning of the school year to the point where I had a GPA of 2. Now I have a 3.9 and I am thriving in every class. The school does offer sports but not of it's own. We are allowed to join any of the teams and clubs that Reseda High School(the school whose campus we are on) has.
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Academically I was this school prepared me for the college mindset. Also I had the opportunity to join many clubs and participate in lots of activities. Since the school does not have tons of people, teachers and staff can focus on the students for them to excel when they move on from grade school.
In terms of extracurricular, this school is the best.
Bullying happend casually usually no one would step in there was a lot of teens in stress and always found crying the bathroom stalls.Staff wouldn't do anything about it.
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