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Magnolia Science Academy 4 Reviews

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My 4 years at Magnolia Has been great. I made so many close friends and got to learn new things. We went on so many fun trips which was amazing. The teachers are great, they help you a lot with work if your don't know how to do it.
The staff is very hands on with the students. They are caring and they look forward to the students achieving their goals
MSA 4 is a good small charter high school. The teachers are good in a lot of ways. They teach you good and make it fun in a way that we can understand it . The school is very good with supporting the students in their academics . If the student is struggling, then the teachers will help them understand the material and at times will reteach the material 1 on 1. The school uses Chromebooks and they are very useful for our school work. Each student receive a laptop and students do their assignments and other stuff that is education related on the laptops. The school have 3 AP classes and the subjects are World History, English and Spanish . The school also have a Resource room for students who needs help on their school work , need more time on it , or needs more time on their tests/quizzes.
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MSA4 is a mediocre school. Their classes to just let your child pass and move on. As for afterschool activities, they're also mediocre. No real teams or competitive competition. It's just a small school where you just go to school then go home. The field isnt theres so its only borrowed from the neighboring school for PE class. Theres no cafeteria, and when its really hot, you are forced to just stad outside and hope to find shade.
What I enjoyed the most about this school, was the nice small community. Every one got along well, and there were never any unfamiliar faces.

What I disliked was that there were not many resources available, therefore not many college ready programs were offered
What I like about Magnolia Science Academy 4 is that it is a small school. I enjoy being in a small school and not a huge school. What I think the school should change is making the food better. It will make a huge change if we got better food.
My experience here was great. The school is very diverse and the teachers are very dedicated and helpful.One thing they could improve is offfering honors classes.
The after school programs put in effort but the school's teams don't go far.
I'm just trying to get by & move on
I can't really hate on the staff because they do put an effort into helping the students of the school. That should be very much appreciated.
I had some great times at this school. Just hope that it can be better for the future students at this school.
Facilities aren't bad, the school just needs to get better lockers and a cafeteria.
Some teachers do care about their students and help them on their spare time.
There isn't really that much student involvement as in 8th grade.
The school should have more clubs available for the students.
The school should be more well staffed with a nurse an also force more rules on the students.
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