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I have been attending classes at Magnolia Science Academy 3 since 6th grade, and now that I am a senior in the school, I have experienced a lot while studying at this school. I have participated in many of the school's events that are held, and have helped make the events. The school taught a lot of different types of courses for a while, but slowly stopped teaching specific classes. The school shares a campus with a different school, so it is not a large school. But, being at this school has helped me gain a lot of knowledge which allowed me to get high grade. Being at this school was really something for me as I have met a lot of people who have become some of closest friends over the years. The history I have made at this school is worth remembering, whether it was good or bad. Magnolia Science Academy 3 is a good school, and I will never forget the moments I have made while attending this school.
The teachers and staff are really friendly. I learn a lot and I can count on my teachers for help and advice. I feel like I have a family at my school.
The school has a decent science program but i would like them to be more diverse in their subjects & offer more school activities.
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I loved the small class sizes, but I would want there to be more opportunities to be in sports and clubs.
Its a charter school so you dont really expect much from it at least from my personal experience but in time i started to like the school and its staff plus the people that i have met their i guess one of the only real issues is that we share school grounds with another school and that we cant use our phones and i completly disagree with that investment.
I believe magnolia is a very good school if you want to improve your still for your future. It also helps prepare you for the real world by allowing you to be very involved with the teachers students and school activities.
You will find friends for life at MSA 3 and the teachers are great people who strive to help the students. But other aspects of the school such as sports, resources, the school facilities need a bit of help.
Overall, MSA3 was a great school in the sense that students are always put first. They always listen to students opinions and needs and actually did something about it. I enjoyed my 4 years there because of all the friends I made and the many teachers who taught me well.
I would like to see the amount of diversity increase because it's the most important thing in this world.
There is a lot of things that I can say about Magnolia Science Academy-3 Carson. I've been there since the 7th grade and seen the school grow as much as they've seen me grow. They've shown the students so much appreciation that they care for our education. They let students get involved in the big changes that happen. When it comes to school events the students are working, decorating, and guiding visitors to where the attraction is happening. And the parents love to get involved too. Magnolia has made sure every student understands each and every concept that goes on. Our education is so important to the staff and faculty that we've all became one big educational family.-A.J.D.E.
My experience in Magnolia Science Academy 3 was good, the teachers helped me with everything I needed. The 4 years I attended this school people were always good to me.
Magnolia Science Academy is a very good school. I am currently going there and it's the best. I recommend if your child wants to go to a small fun school then you should enroll them at Magnolia Science Academy 3. Its clean and we have fun Friday every other week. Fun Friday is when we can play games and they put music. Overall they have excellent teachers and staff. If you don't like the food they are serving you can buy food from the student store.
The teachers are very knowledgeable and caring.
My son is special needs with an IEP so I was very nervous about Magnolia being a Charter School. The first 2 weeks I was a little overwhelmed and worried about my son keeping up with all the different classes. I emailed all his teachers and they all emailed me back willing to help in any way they could.

I met with the RSP teacher and her staff to talk about my son and they were amazing. I left the meeting feeling so blessed to be at that school. They are providing so much support for my son that he is succeeding for the first time academically!
New to the school so I'm not sure yet
My son has just started there so I don't know what is available.
I couldn't be happier at Magnolia Science Academy. I was afraid with Magnolia being a Charter School because my son is Special Needs and has an IEP. It was overwhelming the first 2 weeks with all the different teachers and classes. I sent an email to all his teachers and they emailed back right away willing to help any way they could.

I met with the RSP teacher and her staff and they were amazing. I left the meeting feeling so blessed to be at that school because they are already making a huge difference in my sons life.

I now just received another email from the Dean of Math asking if I would like to meet to go over my sons performance. I truly believe that this would not be happening if I was at any other school.
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I would say the most popular club is student body or the soccer club for the boys who are into athletics
In my opinion MSA3is a great place. Yes, we do have some struggles here and there with money but the school does there best with what they have. My favorite event is spirit week because we had a obstacle course for the whole school to do.
The Teachers at Magnolia Science Academy 3 are actually really great. They help us when we are in need with educational problems and personal problems when we need someone to talk to.
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