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Magnolia Science Academy 2 Reviews

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Magnolia Science Academy 2 is an excellent source of education and community. These offered so many opportunities to all students and treated every student equally. The faculty and teachers are well educated and do the most to help children learn.
Pretty good school. Teachers make sure students are doing good and help them out with whatever they need.
What I enjoyed about Magnolia 2 is the environment, the school is not very large and I believe that's a good thing. Our school community involves us with everyone, letting everyone get to know eachother. I enjoy that teachers push you to succeed and take time out of their personal lives to help us.
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Honestly, MSA 2 use to be one of the schools i had a lot of respect for, seeing how they managed to connect with the students so well and they had great teachers too but over time they have lacked the effort to work with the children and can no longer establish a base line of education seeing as a lot of the teachers are unqualified or are fired within the school year.
I have been going to Magnolia Science Academy 2 for a lot of years now and it is a very good small school. My experience with this school has been good, almost all of the teachers and admin care about the students and they do whatever they can to make the students succeed. The things I like about this school are there is a lot of parental involvement, the college counselor cares about the students and it has a good college readiness, there is a culture in the school and everyone likes each other, and the teachers and very friendly and teach well.
There are many opportunities that you can take advantage of here, you just have to put in the effort. The school won't make you successful, you have to want to put in the work. If you have to motivation to, they can help you do good. There are teachers and staff that do a lot more than they are required to do, and form connections with students, making the experience that much better.
Attending this school for both middle school and high school has shown me how good it is to attend a small school. There is little bullying and everyone from every grade group finds people that they want to be around with. Sure, I haven't had the ultimate high school experience, but I feel as if I'm excelling by hanging around people that care for not only myself, but their futures as well.
Being at this school since sixth grade I have seen many changes. There has been some good changes you can say and some bad changes. First of all back then there wouldn't be any involvement such as after school activities, but now being a senior at this school there is many involvement going on. For example there is a program called " YPI" which is for after school and is really helpful in all sort of ways such as helping you with your homework, specific clubs you might be intrested and even sports are involved. Now you can say more opportunities are open for everyone weather it's sports,clubs or academics. If there would be something I would change it would be the school lunch, mostly every year they change the food company but it dosent get any better it gets worst and the students complain about this situation.
i absolutely enjoyed the smaller environment while my girls were younger, struggling times. It made one on one much easier. We were more than just a number at this school. The teachers went out of their way to connect not only with the students, but the parents. The office staff was thoughtful and professional and because of the smaller environment it was much more personable. They did not get as much funding as they would have liked but each year a little more was received and they did well with what they have. I also embraced the different subjects,
There will always be teachers around during nutrition or lunch. Also when they don't have a class they make their time helping a student who has missed an assignment or needs to be caught up the his/her work.
This school is very dedicated in helping students succeed in their academic progress along with making sure no student fails.
The teachers at my school have done an astounding job in their teaching. My teachers helped me with my struggles and my grades have increased tremendously because of them!
My overall thought about this school is that it is welcoming and you have many opportunities to express yourself. Not only is it welcoming socially but also academically
It's a small school so if you get around its easy to make plenty of friends. All the teachers are great, even the substitutes, but just please cooperate with them or else. It's not the richest school but it tries to make the best of everything.
They have the best , friendly, and helpful teachers ever. You can tell them any thing from academics to personal situations.
We don't have any fields in our school so we have to go to the school next to us to be able to have a field.
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