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Wack, the rules get dumber and dumber each day. If we get late to class 3 times you'll need to sign a paper that makes your kid stay after school and if you don't sign it you get expelled! How do you explain that?! Now we have to get toilet paper from the office and bring it to the restroom. Its overall dumb and i hope the schools rules can be at least reasonable soon.
I love how small it is, you can really connect well with the teachers and students, everyone graduating 2020 is super friendly. I wish there was more understanding for students needs.
Magnolia Science Academy 1 is a charter school that provides college readiness toward its students. There are variety of factors that Magnolia is a good school for having good admin and good teachers. The Diversity of the school is slowly getting more diverse from the lower grade than the higher grade in the school. It creates an atmosphere for its students to have a good conduct and good manners.
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The school overall has great academic standards and teachers that give a lot support, but the overall campus needs much improvement. Our cafeteria is a literal cage and we have no lockers. But these elements did not matter because of the individual help each student got. The school is good for students that want to focus on education and college readiness.
Some people think that just because it's a small school it means that it doesn't provide good quality education but the teachers work really hard and genuinely care about the students education.
I liked how close the environment is, after a while of being at the school you get so comfortable with everyone. I just wish they were more adamant with the facilities and actually follow a schedule to build new buildings.
My favorite aspect of Magnolia Science Academy 1 is just how tight-knit of a community is and how easy it is to build great relationships. While that may be a result of the small student population, it is a very positive aspect as it is easier for teachers and students to build bonds and have a mutual understanding of each other. Some negatives would be the small campus and lack of resources and facilities, but overall I have enjoyed my experience here.
Magnolia Science Academy is a very small school where you can connect with kids really easily once you get there and it's easier for the teachers to focus and fix everyone's problems because of the size. The one thing I would change about the school would be the bathrooms because the staff hasn't fixed the school dryers at all and there's no way to actually dry our hands. Some of the kids there are really immature so they break the bathroom locks and the staff hasn't decided to fix that issue yet.
Magnolia science academy is a good school. The bad thing about the school is that the students ate food in a cage. Which would suck when there were raining days be the student are force to go the the gym which was not good because it got full real quick. The other thing about this school they actually really care about your grades and there goal is to help you to get in a uc.
I like the atmosphere of the learning environment in Magnolia Science Academy 1. However, the expansion of the school building should take action more quickly.
There are little to no extracurriculars here and if there was, not many people that I have known have participated in them besides sports or drivers ed.
The teachers put more effort than most public high school teachers would.
As far as how the security goes in this very small school I think its enough for the specific size. The security cameras really keep everyone in check and the security guards tend to be friendly(on good days). The only times when things get scary are when lock downs are called for because the banks near the location of the school it really puts it in a very open area. Safety precautions are made and the proper procedures are made when someone is injured help is there no matter what.
The activities that are available after school vary everyday, there's been an increase of more activities recently this year which is great. The after school ambiance 5 years was a different one from last year for instance as everyone liked staying and hanging out with one another. However with the increase in clubs i believe that will come back gradually the caged area will no longer be an empty one.
I feel really comfortable with the students, faculty, and parents at the school they're all very nice and supportive. The parents help really is great when it comes to middle school dances and events held on campus.
The teachers in my school are very hands on as they try to get to everyone as much as they can when students need help. They genuinely look happy in their positions and like the class environment. There's never a time where I feel unheard or not cared for while I'm in each class.
My school has about 600 students total. Grades range from 6th to 12th. My senior class has about 60 students, we are a close knit school, family I would say. The staff and Admin get along and help eschooner help us succeed as students
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The teacher and staff at my school are womderful. Out after school tutoring schedules are grwat, on Mondays all the math teachers have tutoring. On Wednesdays all English teachers provide extra help.
The safety is great we have cameras mostly at every corner and have a security guard.
They get you involved and to try new things and have fun.
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