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Magnolia Public School Reviews

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The clubs and organizations at Magnolia is not that good soetimes they can be fun. They could use more after-school activities than they do, which is one. They could use some more clubs unlike the ones they already hae there.
Personally to me i would not go back to that school again. Some activities there are fun, but others are not so fun. One of my favorite experiences there is this one time when we had all outside activities and won ribbons and different things. We even had water ce after we were finished with the activites.
Magnolia's dress code is pretty bad you hae to wear uniforms and can't wear certain jewlry and other things. The office staff could use some attitude adjustments. The pricipal is good, he's nice and not that strict. They could make the attendence leel lower instead of 50.
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Magnolia's facilities are not that bad. Some are worse than others because they tell other facilities and other students about peoples personal stuff. Some even have attitudes towards the students. The technology could be upgraded too. The condition of the school building is terrible they need to fix it up a lot. There is only one guidance counselor and she is great, but they could use more counselors. They could also get the parents involved with some programs they hae there. Tutoring could really help some students there. Some more class room aids could really help out a lot too.
Magnolia's health and safety is not that great becuase there is a lot of bulling going on in that school. There are also no safety regulations besides cameras. There is no police in the school. Therefore Magnolia Public School lacks of health and safety regulations.
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