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Academics are not up to par with general grade levels. Many teachers care greatly for their students and their success, which I am very grateful for.
Magnolia High School is a good school for the area. The principal is kind and encouraging to everyone, and the school fosters an environment that caters to self-improvement and education.
Magnolia High School is not your average high school. The things that happen at this school are unbearable.
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Teachers are nice and helpful to get students ready for college. Although, some students should be more focused on school work.
The thing i like most about Magnolia High School is that everyone is so kind and our school has lots of school spirit. Everyone talks to everyone and helps them if they need it.
Magnolia High School is a very poor academic school. There is only one or two teacher who actually teach well enough to prepare students for further education. Sports are valued over academics. In fact, athletes get special treatment and never have consequences. If I could change one thing about this high school, it would be the bullying and special treatment of athletes.
This school is truly what you make of it. Most of the teachers truly want to see you succeed and will do anything to help you. That being said, academics at this school seem to be lacking judging by test scores, but so are scores in the rest of the state. In recent years, the administration has truly tried to push college prep and help students become their very best, whether they are pursuing more schooling or joining the workforce.
The school offers wide variety of courses that students can take and sports to participate in, but these courses and sports are favorited. If you aren't in a specific course or playing certain sports you aren't as important as the others. More finances are put into these programs and it leads other parts of the school to not get resources or equipment needed.
Students need better preparation for test taking and college. ACT prep classes would be beneficial in high school. Teachers are professional and accessible. Guidance counselors needs to be more involved and helpful. Sports have been enjoyable and a positive experience. Most coaches and teachers have been positive role models and respectful. My kids like Magnolia High School and have never complained about going to school. They have maintained high honors, but their standarized test scores do not reflect that. As for my concern regarding test taking. They have made lifelong friends that share many interests in sports and academics.
Despite being a small school, Magnolia High School offers a variety of extracurricular activities and remains fairly decent at athletics. However, the curriculum requires improvement because I feel that students aren't taught as much as they should be.
My experience with Magnolia High school has been great. Magnolia is a school where the students come together as a family. The one thing magnolia excels in is its sports. In my four years attending i have gotten to witness two class A championships. Magnolia also allows students to participate in classes to further their career choice. like for example, they offer a peer tutoring class, art classes, business class, and agriculture classes. They also allow students to take college courses to get a head of the game.
My experience at Magnolia was really no different than any one else. For sports they do very well and academics i'd say its average. My first two years at Magnolia we won two state championships. The school very much focuses on sports.
I I think the staff there are wonderful to the children and I feel like my boys have learned well and have had many opportunities offered to them.
I've had very many great opportunities due to the effort put in by the educators at the school. These opportunities will help me in the future when i am attending college and even in later life.
The environment is very inviting and all of the teachers have a great knowledge of the subjects they teach and they encourage students to learn in fun and exciting ways.
Magnolia is something unique. My freshman year was a rush of meeting new students and teachers and taking part in the seemingly challenging honors classes. It wasn't too bad, but my experiences in my respective sports and clubs really pushed me to excel. My sophomore year was similar. Although there wasn't a diversity of ethnicities, there was a large variety of personality in the school, and that's what makes it so special. Every teacher I've encountered has always had my best interest in mind. My junior year is when things started getting difficult. Sports and classes became harder, and trying to make free time for myself really stressed me out. But, I'm glad that I experienced this coming of age at Magnolia, because the environment was as fitting as could be, and I know that it made me all the more better for the future. My senior year is something quite extraordinary, and I know I can attribute that to Magnolia's own brand of care and prepared-ness.
The school only emphasizes on classes that prepare students for the state test that rates the school for funding they will be receive based on those results. The money granted by the state is used on the athletic department only. The school also has a very weak program to prepare students to achieve a successful higher education.
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My experience at this school was eventful and great. Teachers and my fellow students were almost always friendly and since it was a smaller school you always knew the person walking next to you.
The Teachers at Magnolia High School are very kind caring teachers. They are knowledgeable about the subjects that they teach and are always willing to answer questions if you have any.
There is a police officer on sight, but the school is more worried about pot getting into the school than they are people with guns. Bullying is awful, if you aren't an athlete you are in for an awful high school experience.
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