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I absolutely love Magnolia High School. I have lived here my entire life and no school I have ever visited has lived up to the atmosphere you get when you walk through those maroon doors. School spirit SHINES in the students roaming in the halls. The teachers always gave your back and will do anything to support you through out your four years as a bulldog. The administration keeps the school in tip top shape and makes sure that the kids always have something fun and entertaining planned to help with the stress of test and class work. Magnolia High School is the best high school in the state of Texas and I have no reason to think other wise.
This school absolutely sucks. This school only made my mental health worse. It's full of drugs and drug dealers. I can't stress this enough but unless you're a normie you'll have incredible trouble making friends. The work is easy but everyone is sure to copy you or their friends. The students at this school work for nothing and still get rewarded for it. That aside the lunch meals are ok with a weekly rotation of food 4 of which are repeated every day.
I have lived in Magnolia Texas my whole life, I love the personal connections you can build with some teachers and friends there, really does help. Do not like how the administration takes a lack of focus on helping students or overall having a lack of structure with announcements of events and so forth.
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I enjoy the diversity in classes available to us as students. We have many extracurricular activities and courses. The English and History departments have had several teachers replaced in recent years. I love the NJROTC program at the school. The instructors genuinely care for their students.
Magnolia was a very supportive system all together with academics and 504 programs. The counselors help prepare you for colleges and help with any advise you may need. District officials are usually very involved with the staff and programs that take place, very supportive of Christian beliefs as a hole. Classroom studies are very well planned with the instructors and are carried out as a vocational team to the students.

If you are new to the area, the Magnolia ISD school system is recommended as one of the top school districts in the outer Houston areas, both for Academics and Sports. Coaches and community leaders support the district sports developments along with the schools PTA, to help with fund raisers to allow for student uniforms and other equipment to be maintained in the best shape possible.
I enjoyed Magnolia high school because of the many opportunities there are at the school. I feel that the teachers are all very well educated in their areas of expertise, which helps us as students receive the best education possible.
My experience at Magnolia each year attended was nothing but great teachers, great principals, great extra curricular activities! Teachers never wanted children to fail only succeed, making it not horrible to actually attend school. If you are looking for a good school district Magnolia Isd is great!
I loved the principal, he was very encouraging and promoted positivity and school spirit. Also loved the challenge and excellence in academics.
Magnolia High School was a wonderful school to attend. It has some very passionate staff and excellent leadership composed of the perfect mix of structure and fun. Something I would like to see change is an increase in positivity from teachers which would likely result in a boost in students' morale and overall high school experience. There are many great families and teachers at this school who truly put others first.
Overall great experience at Magnolia High School. Great atmosphere and learning environment. College Prep
The administration is great and the club activities are amazing! My children have many opportunities to participate academically and in extracurricular activities. The UIL program is amazing and very challenging.
I love my high school. I was so nervous and excited my first day as a freshman. I absolutely loved the school spirit. I honestly felt as though my school feels kinda like a college with how big it is.

Now I am a graduating senior and friend all the new classmates to make them feel as comfortable as I did walking in on my first day.

I will miss the classmates when I leave but also looking forward to meeting new friends and classmates at my new college.
Throughout my time attending school at Magnolia High school, I enjoyed the most the staff that worked there from all over the city of Houston. We had teachers from across town coming to work for our school because they had great administration. That made our education better because these teachers were very qualified to work anywhere they wanted to.
I graduated from this school a year ago and I miss it a whole bunch. The school has wonderful teachers, and a great athletic program. The coaches at the school are competitive, but also care about your academics as they should. This school isn't as big as most of the high schools in the district, but we consider ourselves a family. The school also has IB and the program is going smoothly. The counselors and college counselors helped a whole bunch on figuring out college. You definitely weren't left to figure out on your own they helped so much!
Magnolia High School is always looking to improve. However, in the process of self improvement, the school has become less and less improved. The staff and administration does not seem to get along or be on the same page, and the experience of change year after year has made Magnolia High School less enjoyable.
I would like to see more organizations get discussed and appreciated at my school. The only sport that gets parades for doing anything is football. However, both our swim team and girls golf team has won state at least once in the time I have spent attending the school. We have a spring pep rally ever year that is supposed to recognize these sports, but the school spirit is not nearly as present as it is in the fall and football season. If more organizations were represented in these events, they would potentially receive more members and become more successful, creating even more school spirit!
need to care more about their students, less pressure on gpa more regard for students personal lives and mental health. typical public high school, lots of fights, poor engagement.
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I had a great time in highschool! The teachers and principal made going to school worth it. I had fun with all the activities and doing sports such as volleyball was just an amazing experience.
I love my school because everyone is comfortable with everyone and support each other. I don't like where the school is located though. There is a lot of traffic.
the school was good. diverse, accepting, and good staff. only issue was that there is a lot of republicans
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