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It just seems like any high school would be. It's an outdoor high school, and I don't know if that's normal or not. I like the outdoor campus though. I appreciate that the teachers seem to care about their students even if some cause trouble in class from time to time. I am glad to have good athletics programs for the students that participate. I participate in tennis and track programs. I like my coaches and they help me enjoy sports more than I used to. I also am in AP classes that have helped me prepare for college. Magnolia High School also has helped me to prepare for the ACT test and I am thankful for that.
Magnolia High school is a great place to be! They have a lot of extra curriculum's that students can take, and that will be useful in their everyday life after high school.
I feel like it’s a good school, but there’s some things that could be improved on. The bathrooms could be a whole lot better. The food isn’t the best either.
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I love the faculty. They work very hard to ensure that every student feels like they belong. I also adore the atmosphere. Each extracurricular activity, from sports to band, receives the utmost support from students, faculty and even the community. It is a very safe and comfortable environment to return to daily.
Magnolia High School was the best. It was protected and they cared about the students and making sure they graduated. The only thing I would change is the food services. All the food there was the same. The lunch menu didn't really change every week; we kind of had the same thing every other week.
I liked the different clubs we had for membership. The preparation for higher education is very competitive and rewarding. I'm honored to have been a part of the most bright and studious classmen. Therefore I would like to see more underclassmen clubs or organizations for their hard work and dedication to their studies and extracurricular activities. Their should be a club or something for the meirt student who work hard as the 4 point averaging student. I am appreciative for such a school to have attended where the students all succeed with hard work.
It's an okay school, and everybody pretty much gets along. I just wish we had hallways! The teachers who teach pre-AP and AP courses are pretty good teachers. They often go above and beyond to make sure their student understand the content. The elective teachers have fun with their subjects and the choral program is absolutely amazing.
i love magnolia high school, it always make me happy, all the lessons, teachers and students are super friendly. They just open the panther plaze, they have a lot of brand in there for you to buy. Feel free to join out school.
Magnolia is a great school but isn't perfect. Much like any school there is always something that could have gone better or should have been handled differently. This school has an amazing atmosphere and the staff is dedicated to helping every student. I am proud to call myself a magnolia lady panther, and always will be.
I like that the teachers are really nice and they make sure the kids have an understanding of their work. If needed they also have before and after school tutoring. There's nothing that I'd like to see change.
There are a good amount of teachers who are committed, however we have some bad administrators and not everything is carried out the way it should be.
Magnolia High School is okay but very small. It has improved a lot in the last couple years but it still doesn’t offer a whole lot. Also I don’t like that freshmen aren’t on campus and that it’s an outdoor campus.
My expierence at Magnolia High School was great, I knew everyone and everyone got along great in an out of the classroom. I would like to see more growth out of Magnolia because our buildings have been the same since the 80s.
Children are given opportunities to solve problems, develop reasoning skills, interact socially and grow in every aspect of the education process.
THere are sprinkles of diverse topics
I was able to take AP classes that prepared me for my future endeavors.
We dont' have many problems with crime.
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Magnolia High School has a large selection of clubs and organizations. This school affords everyone the opportunity to be a part of something.
The extracurriculars are okay, the students here at MHS really get into the spirt of after school activities. Like for example we have a thing at school for seniors called kidnapping. which is where we kidnap the lower class (10th and 11th) with parents permission of course, we take the students and get them all messy such as whip cream, syrup, shaving cream and ect. Which is a ton of fun, we do it every year and the students will talk about it for weeks !
Well my experience at this school is OKAY. I'm saying MHS is the best but its okay. Like I've said before the teachers are very loving and caring. They truly care about their students. The whole reason i came to MHS is because I wanted better grades, which I have now. The teachers here are actually willing to help students, that WANTS to be helped. BUT I'm not going to lie, the students here is a little rough so you have to watch your back at all times because students here will try to get under your skin and try you but you just have to keep your guard up and don't let ANYONE walk all over you or else you are toast.
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