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Magnolia categorizes under the Anaheim Union High School District, they are the most under-funded school out of all of them. We continually get overlooked and disregarded in terms of food and campus structure. Our shed was unfortunately burnt down and many of our resources for sports were demolished, such as track and football. However, thankfully to outside sources football got gifted gear; track didn’t. We truly are a great school, we have amazing diversity and culture that walk our halls and i feel as though we need to be treated better from the district. Our lunches are absolutely horrible (sometimes even inedible) yet other schools are able to provide their students with In n out and ramen for lunches. We get served plastic-packaged good, that causes me to become sick every time i eat it. Overlooking our underfunding our school supports each other in their sports and activities, even if we aren’t the greatest we definitely are a family.
My experience at magnolia high school has been very normal it’s basically like any other high school around us .what I like the most about it is it’s college programs.
Magnolia High School was an average public school that did its best to help its students compete with other students coming from more prestigious schools. Those that chose to work hard are going to many top California Universities.
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Magnolia High School is very unique due its its incredible diversity accompanied by its stigma. Many individuals look down at it which drives the select minority to strive for excellence.
This school is pretty average. They offer dual enrollment with cypress college, AP classes and electives. There are clubs on campus, but there are not that many. Maybe you can create a club here, but they have sports as well. Tennis is the best sport here.
I enjoyed being a part of baile folklorico, they were my family. I would change the food because that food is nasty or if they aren't going to change the food to at least let students go out and buy food.
What I liked about Magnolia was that everyone is there to help you. Teachers stay after school for your needs. The counseling is open as well if any student wants to print something out or just stay in there to study. What I like to see change is the school itself. Magnolia is a little old and new items would be nice.
Even though I have graduated this year from this school, I have only been there for one year but there are some things I have noticed. This school is not as funded as others and it shows in things like cafeteria food and its access to resources. Saying that, it is not dangerous as many seem to view it. The academics is pretty solid and many students are easy to connect with.
We’re a very welcoming school. Everyone is friendly with one another, and we’re just a very loving school at times. But the one thing I would change would be the school lunches because they do taste very badly.
There was a wide variety of aspects that I really did enjoy about Magnolia High School. The staff was very helpful, and at times risking themselves when the time came. Teachers and faculty were underappreciated most of the time, and I believe that they are the highlight of Magnolia High School. However, of course the students make up a bigger percentage of the school then faculty. Students rub off against one another and we all have the same goal, that being to graduate and have a great future. Although sometimes school can be tough, just keep yourself on a steady pathway, and make sure you're out of trouble and you should be alright.
Magnolia has shaped me to be ready for real life experiences, whether it be in the classroom or communication skills
High school is a time to explore what you like and what you don’t like, and more often than not, everyone has their own niche or interest that drives their passion. I have been attending Magnolia High School from Freshmen year and over the four years I had some up's and down in my life. But I worked very hard to keep my grades up. Over the four years I builded up very good relationship with my teachers and they helped me to get through rough times and work hard for all of my classes. Student at Magnolia High school are very friendly and they made my high school experience fun. I would like to see change in the school lunch cafeteria. To give student more choices to choose from because some children are allergic to peanut butter and jelly sandwich. They need to bring more and better food for student.
I've been a student of Magnolia High for almost 4 years, this current year being my senior year. Since freshmen year, I have met so many wonderful people with goals and aspirations with top-notch work ethic; despite the rumors of the school being "one of the worst schools in the district," or "a school filled with gangs and students who are stupid." Whatever people say, I choose to believe that Magnolia High is great, the students are great, the people are great, the education is like every other school in the district. No different.
Magnolia High School is a decent school, but it's actually improving in its partnerships and all the educational opportunities that they'll be offering. The school is expected to undergo some changes to fit its profile of being a center of excellence for technology and innovation, so the school is most likely going to be better in the near future.
I loved the sense of community and diversity at Magnolia High school. We were all from different places but we all came together and shared our education together. We had a bond that you couldn't break and teachers felt like family. I loved going to school every single day and I am proud to have graduated from Magnolia High school.
The school had a lot of good teacher, and they start to add really good after school programs. One of the things that I did not like was that they should work on getting better sport equipment.
Magnolia is a very good High School to attend and there are some zeniths about it but there are also some detriments. Magnolia is an old school and renovations are needed because everything seems out of date, but that's just aesthetically. Magnolia tries really hard on getting their students ready for college, like The Pledge program and its connections with CSUF, Cypress, and other campuses near. It has many career pathways that can be started as early as 9th grade and it knows that many students would want this opportunites that other High Schools might not give.
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What I really enjoy about attending Magnolia high school is its diversity. Not only are the students from diverse backgrounds and ethnicities, but so are some of the teachers. This was something that I found to be helpful because It made it easier for me to relate to them, in some aspects and they had some knowledge as to what I and other students are going through. Meaning that they know how to handle certain situations, making it easier for them to show us what should be done, in terms of academics and personal difficulties.
Magnolia High school is one of the most diverse school you will encounter. The councelers are very helpful in terms of the college admission process. There are many clubs on campus, I guarantee you will find a few you like. For those who are serious about your grades, AP and honor classes are available as well as free college courses through the dual enrollment program.
Overall my experience at Magnolia High went pretty well! Despite its bad reputation which over time is beginning to change, it was a great school. Teachers and the faculty on campus were not only just there to work, they were there to better the school community. They were friends, guides, parent figures, etc. The teachers were great they did their best to teach their students and try to push them forward. Campus life was great as well! The whole community was friendly and the blend of diversity was great.
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