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The academics at Magnolia Heights School are great, the teachers and staff supports and push you harder.
The athletic program is fantastic as well as the opportunity to take classes at Northwest Mississippi Community College right down the road.
This school favors students and only cares about sports. Let’s all the “popular” students do whatever they won’t. Only picks on my daughter about her skirt. I have Seen this happen before.
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I liked the fact that it was a small school and the classes contained less students than public schools. This gave me an opportunity to get to know my teachers and to get help when I needed it. The food was also very good. However, the lax nature of the campus made it prime for allowing vandalism and crime. There was no security for the campus. The other negative was the fact that most of the students are wealthy and can be stuck up and mean. My experience with sports is that the baseball team was good, but the coach had his favorite parents, and therefore his favorite players. No matter how good you are, he only played his favorites. The administration was always involved in supporting the teams by coming to games, but they were not so good at handling disputes with parents/teachers.
This school is so wonderful. It provides a certain level of traditional classroom learning while constantly improving and engaging students. It has truly been a blessing as a parent and I have no worries about my children while they are at school. The administration is wonderful and genuinely cares about the students. I am also thrilled to know my children will be well-prepared for college and have been given a good foundation for life. Values, manners, and creativity are encouraged and it is so fun watching our children grow into bright, young thinkers.
Magnolia Heights is a wonderful school. I have been attending Magnolia Heights School since 3K. In fact, I was in the first 3K class at MHS. Ever since I've been going to Magnolia I have learned so many different things. The academic part of the school is amazing, they have definitely prepared me for college in the future. I can say that I somewhat ready to face the college years ahead. I play basketball, and I cheer. I have had the best time playing sports at Magnolia, and I love going to watch the other sports play. I love how involved people are at Magnolia Heights. We all support one another, and we all participate in anything happening. As for me, I loved attending Magnolia Heights School, and I will be sad to leave.
I had a great overall experience at the school! One thing that MHS does not have is a selection of clubs and activities. Also, while we have excellent boys sports teams, the dedication to girls sports needs to be improved.
I have attended Magnolia Heights for 14 years. It has been an awesome experience. I have grown spiritually, morally, academically, and many other ways. I am thankful for the opportunities this school has given me. I have been blessed with great teachers, friends, coaches, and administrators. Thank you Magnolia Heights.
Notably the famous Meg Woods and her honors math classes and ACT prep class, and also Michelle Self with her college prep honors biology and anatomy and physiology....
As an athlete, my son has been on campus after hours and late at night and there have never been any security problems or any other safety issues to my knowledge since he's been there.
I think most clubs are basic. It's small so it's limited.
The academic challenge is wonderful at Magnolia Heights. I am confident my son will be ready for senior college.
We have a cafeteria who makes the food everyday and it is pretty good quality. There are also a lot of options on what to eat. Our safety is very good. We just put security locks on the doors and the students have something to open it. I feel safe there.
There are quite a few options for extracurriculars. They are somewhat popular.
It's been great for me because it has been a new beginning. People have been very nice and friendly from the day I got here until now. I have made some of my best friends here and I would not trade their friendships or my experience at Magnolia Heights for anything.
They do a very good job of getting the information across. They make it very understandable and fun!
Our sports programs are great. Everyone has a chance to participate. There are a lot of clubs, academic, social, and religious. There are several volunteer opportunities throughout the year.
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Our school is very safe. We have several security measures in place.
We all spend a lot of time together. We are really good at athletics, and I love cheering for our games. Our slogan is Not just a school, a family. I also look forward to Chapel to start our week.
I believe our teachers go above what they are required to do. They are available during their free period. You will also see them at our sporting events and other after school activities.
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