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Magnolia Elementary School Reviews

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When we moved back to Riverside from Poway, one of our concerns was schooling for our two boys. As it turned out, we didn't need to worry at all. Magnolia is a wonderful school! Many of the teachers have been there for more than 10 years, and there is a feeling of camaraderie and family that makes a wonderful environment for learning. The diversity of the school also makes for an environment where the students learn to appreciate people from different backgrounds. I would highly recommend thsi school.
The teachers taught very well. I remember they had us do many activities to understand what we were doing.
Teachers are great! They saw us as their own child
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Everyday during the last 30 minutes of class our teachers would take us to the auditorium to sing songs, that was our favorite part of the day
This school has an after school program called HEARTS, many students join this program which helps parents who work late. This program provides tutoring and fun activities for the students.
I started getting bullied by a student at this school on social media, the principal took charge of this situation and the girl got suspended.
Taco day was everyone's favorite! They would give us beans (helps with iron levels) and carrots or apples (gives you vitamins!).
We didn't have counselors because its elementary but the teachers and office staff were always helpful.
This school was always very safe it was never threatened, but if it were to be threatened the staff was prepared.
Because it is an elementary school, we didn't have any football fields, volleyball field, pool, etc. but the playground and soccer field was great.
This elementary was the best! I went to one in Orange County before I came here and this one was by far the best! I remember crying on my first day of school and right away I made a friend. She asked what was wrong with me and to please stop crying, she also gave me a hug! The teacher was also AMAZING!! Each day she would teach us sign language so we can know how to talk to those who can't speak, thats something a lot of teachers don't teach that can come in handy some day. Best elementary school if you ask me! :)
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