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This school condones racism and it’s not just the video of the students yelling the n-word it’s everywhere and it makes me sick that this school continues to act like it doesn’t exist.
I could not have imagined a better place to spend my 4 years of high school than at Magnificat. The community is amazing- it is so welcoming and accepting of everyone, and makes everyone feel at home. I am so sad to leave Magnificat, but they have prepared me for college and the real world ahead so amazingly.
My experience at Magnificat has been life-changing. When you walk through the front doors, you are met with an atmosphere I guarantee you've never felt before. Two words: Female Empowerment. I don't consider myself a feminist, but Mags has put meaning behind being a woman. There's never been a second where I've questioned my worth. That's one of the best parts about Mags. In the fall I am entering engineering, a field that's 80% dominated by males, & I have never felt more confident in my life. It is something that will stay with me for the rest of my life.

The teachers are amazing. They are passionate about teaching & always there for help. I genuinely love waking up & going to every class. I have learned to accept failure and most importantly, I have learned to think.

I'll admit I've hit some bumps along the way. There are cliques and drama but I'd expect nothing less from an all-girls school or even high school in general. There is a special place for everyone.
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We picked Magnificat for their excellent Performing Arts Dept. My daughter loves her classes, teachers, and all the clubs and activities she's involved with.
There is low pressure on appearances because it is an all-girls school. There are all types of people here so most students find a good group of friends. I've met my best friends here. Diversity is low but is getting better as years go by. The school is great at fostering growth and curiosity and provides many resources for students.
I loved the atmosphere of Magnificat. Most of the teachers always have you in mind and try to make you feel as comfortable as possible in their class. I have been going here for all four years of high school, and I have never encountered any bullying. The school is very big on creating a sense of community here. The faculty also addresses issues in the real world and they let us discuss them civilly through clubs or discussions.
My experience at Magnificat High School has been complicated. I started at Magnificat as a sophomore transfer student. I had a difficult time making friends at first, but once I did things improved. I really enjoy being able to practice my faith at my school every day. I love being apart of the campus ministry program. Although, the program could use some improvement. Our classes can be difficult. I find our science department to include the best overall teachers in the school. The English department comes in a close second. The History department has a few teachers that are difficult to work with. The theology department shows favoritism toward different students. Overall, the worst department at Magnificat is the Math department. Despite difficult course work, I enjoy going to school at Magnificat. It has a welcoming environment and shows support to all students.
Magnificat has prepared me to pursue secondary academics in order to propel my ability to succeed in the workforce. I have spent four years building and cultivating my confidence as a young woman pursuing a career in stem with Magnificat's incredible science program. I have developed my skills in a holistic setting where community has inspired my own personal and academic growth.
I transferred to Magnificat wanting a high school experience that would develop my skills and interest into something that I was passionate about. At Magnificat, I was able to go on a missions trip to the southern border of Mexico to learn about the injustices migrants and immigrants face day to day, along with seeing the 'wall' in person and listening to the surrounding cities' stance on the wall. I was able to attend the People of Color Conference (POCC) early in my junior year. This experience is something I will never forget. Being surrounded by other like-minded individuals and listening to each other's stories formed connections that I did not think were possible in a three-day span. POCC made me realize my passions and what I truly cared about, forming my decision to major in Political Science. If it was not for my experiences and lessons I learned at Magnificat I do not know where I would be.
Magnificat HS is amazing school! From the students, teachers and administration. They stay true to their mission statement and allow for students to succeed in education.
I enjoy the community Magnificat provides. In the future I hope they continue to grow in their resources for students.
I loved Magnificat! I believe that every student has the potential to be very successful during their years here and beyond because of the level of challenge and academics at the school. The school is very inclusive and accepting. There are many opportunities for each student to get involved no matter one's interests. Magnificat truly is a great place even when the academics seem stressful. The school shapes you into a woman ready to voice their opinions in the world and create change.
I just love it at the school. The teachers there are very engaging and are more hands on. Yes it is on the more expensive side but it is 100% worth it. All they want to do is ensure that you are learning and fully understanding the subject matter at hand and also ensuring that you are prepared for the future, especially for college. They do not just teach you to study for the standardized testing to get in college, they teach you to actually learn and to actually be able to understand the things that you are being taught. They don’t care about this and you guys testing as much because they want what is best for you and they want you to learn and to understand and to be able to comprehend.
Overall my experience has been somewhat lack luster. I feel as if I would have had more opportunities in a public school. It was expensive to attend school here, and it would have been better to save my money and use it for college tuition. I feel as if the religious aspect of my education, which is the main purpose of attending a catholic school, has been under emphasized. I miss going to school with boys and I feel unprepared socially for college.
Magnificat High School has been a wonderful experience. The fact that it is an all girls school puts less pressure on the female students. I feel that I am able to speak up in class about certain issues that I normally would not if boys were there. The classes are challenging enough that I feel prepared for college.
The absolute worst school ever. Not worth a penny. I wouldn't go there again if they paid me. The education is one that you could receive at a public school, easily. I was in AP classes and it you could be an average preforming student and easily pass the class. The worst is the social setting. It can best be seen with the freshman. At lunch, multiple times, I've seen a freshmen go up to another group of freshmen at lunch and be turned away. At lunch. Bullying and talking behind backs never ends. You even hear it in the bathrooms. "So and so did this" ect... Would NEVER go back there. If you chose to go here you are choosing to traumatize yourself through 4 years of drama, an average education, and petty policies.
I love my experience at Magnificat, and I truly feel as if it has prepared me as I go off to college. Something that is unique about Magnificat is that I feel comfortable meeting with my teachers because they are willing to provide extra help for me to succeed. If I could change one thing about Magnificat, it would be to remodel parts of the school to make them more modern.
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Well, If you would like your daughter to have a challenging education by all means pick this school. But only if that’s all you want. The environment at Magnificat is not every inclusive or friendly especially if you are not from one of the main private elementary schools previously. It can be very difficult to make friends and you really have to put yourself out there to see any kind of result.
As a senior in high school, I have seen the ins and the outs of Magnificat Highschool. One thing I love about Magnificat is that we are one big family. As a school with only 800 in attendence, I can say that I could recognize almost everyone that goes to school with me. We are a very spirited school and love to cheer on our volleyball, basketball and softball team. One special event that is very important in the Magnificat culture is Night in Blue. Night in Blue is a fundraiser that raises money to help pay tuition for girls that want to come to Magnificat. To me, that shows our hard work and love for other girls that want our school's great education. One thing I would like to change about Magnificat is the administration's tolerance with bullying. There has been many cases of bullying that the administration has not handled well, and could've been handled more appropriately.
Attending Magnificat High School provided me with the skills and confidence needed to begin college and succeed in my classes. The relationships that I built with teachers and students are relationships that I know will last me a lifetime. The teachers and administration care about each and every student and want to see them succeed. I believe that attending an all girls school gave me the confidence to ask questions and build relationships with teachers and is something that I will always remember.
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