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Magnet Traditional School Reviews

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The years I spent at Magnet Traditional will always be the best years of my life. The teachers? Amazing. The teaching? Great. The clubs? Average. Diversity? 100%. Safety? Excellent. Culture? Aaaamazing. Sports? AMAZING!! Administration? Great people. Food? As good as middle school food can get! Overall, amazing! <3
Magnet traditional was a school of excellence.Mostly every kid at that school was smart with excellent grades. This school had a meeting every month on how the school can improve and also involved every parent and teacher etc. There was just one big problem though, the school was very strict and bullying was approached by everyone at this school. Parents complained but the principals did not know how to solve this problem
Interesting topics, sharing ideas and thoughts is encourage, challenging lessons.
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Different options, not too bad.
Many different resources available to help students.
Lots of staff members willing to dedicate their time to coach sports.
different and fun activities to choose from.
Administration is very helpful and enforces the rules.
Health and safety policies are good and enforced. Student safety is very well taken care of. there are plenty of learning resources, and overall this is a good learning environment.
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