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My overall experience with Magnet Academy for Cultural Arts was truly a great one from trying out for chorus to all of the life lessons the school has taught me. There was many occasions were the students of the school would have performances to showcase their specific talents whether it be chorus, band, art, creative writing, theater, and dance all this while being in a family-oriented environment. We had talent shows for kids who wanted to portray another talent they may have, all of this while getting ready for testing at the end of the year. With all of the things we had to juggle this really taught us time management skills. The principal and staff also came up with a fun way to incorporate academic achievements by adding a renaissance rally this is where the students of the school would dress up according to a specific theme and they would hand out awards. I would recommend this school to anyone who is trying to grow in the arts as well as be in an innovative learning program.
I think the many different talent areas at the Magnet Academy for Cultural arts are what make are school not only great, but also unique. The school allows students to express their talents in a way they couldn't do without this school. We have performances all throughout the year and this allows all the talent areas to show off their talents and skills to the rest of the school. The people at MACA are also very accepting and friendly, and everyone for the most part gets along. The curriculum is also very good. We are an A school and have been for many years. And finally some things that I think could improve our school would be more funding possibly. Our school is in a very poor parish and the teachers here don't make enough for the A status that the school has maintained. Overall I think MACA is a great school and I wish it the best.
I like Magnet Academy for Cultural Arts because it's not your regular high school. My school focuses on the arts and academics rather than on sports. I find it interesting that you can go to high school with a specific or multiple talents. It also gives students the opportunity to get state talented in talents such as theater, art, and more. MACA also has a great curriculum that benefits the students as they move up to higher grades. Overall MACA is an A school and the students and faculty all worked hard to achieve this accomplishment.
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Attending the magnet academy for cultural arts for five years i have had a wonderful experience here. It is a magnet school for the arts where I practice the art of dance. I have been in dance for ten years and volunteered student teaching for two. Here at Maca they have pushed me to learn not only in my usual education classes but also in my art area. I have grown as a person, student, and dancer attending this school
I attended the school Magnet Academy for Cultural Arts since 2014-2015 school year. M.A.C.A is an extremely academically and talent based school which helps and persuades the students to express their talents and knowledge. My experiences there have been great. The teachers help all of their students even when they have work for themselves. The teachers push their students for the readiness of college and business life. M.A.C.A is its own little world where everyone helps everyone. Being there is like being in multiple countries at once. The diversity is unique and abundant, especially for a small school. Although there are no sports, M.A.C.A is still a school that strives and grows every year.
Maca was okay. The school is very small so it’s easy to get around. The teachers are here if you need anything. Well some of them. The principal and guidance counselor only want what’s best for you! That’s why they push you so hard to get you on the right track! Yes there were some teachers that straight up didn’t care. But you just had to put your time and trust in the ones who did. My highschool experience was pretty good.
One thing I definitely loved about this school was that it wasn't the average middle/high school. The fact that this whole school focused on the arts instead of sports and stuff. Most of the teachers there genuinely care about their students, but some honestly need to be fired. I don't feel like I was really prepared for college leaving this school. The principal was very controlling and for an arts school we barely ever had fun. It would get in the way of your instruction time. The school honestly needs a refresher, before all the students end up leaving.
The Magnet Academy for Cultural Arts is a very great place to attend school. There are many great opportunities presented to you at this school. I have personally grown over the years due to all of the positivity received through this school. MACA is a great place and children thrive at the Magnet Academy for Cultural Arts.
This school has taught me so many things since I've been enrolled. This is a school for those who are culturally inclined. The talents one could apply for are Ballet , Creative Writing, Visual Arts , Chorus , and Band
I have been through a lot of ups and downs during my time at the Magnet Academy for Cultural Arts. It has been fun the past five years and it’s going to be heartbreaking saying goodbye. I’m gonna miss my friends and teachers who have helped me along the way. I wouldn’t wanna spend the last five years at any school but the Magnet Academy for Cultural Arts. It is most definitely a second home to me that I’m going to miss.
I actually love coming to school here! The classes are small for the most part and all of my teachers genuinely cares about our well being and grades. Most of them are willing to either tutor or take extra time to explain something. We are an A school, and have wonderful art programs. We feature visual arts, dance, band, chorus, and creative writing. The only drawback is that there is no sports department.
My experience at MACA was at first harsh. I was bullied my first year there, but that experience made me the person I am today. I'm stronger and more confident. The only thing I'd like to improve is the student body's voice.
It’s is the worst school ever the principal is so childish and rude the teacher catch attitudes for no reason the food is horrible and the lunch lady’s think they run the place
Overall this is a great school it justness lacks some of the thinggs other high schools have. But still this is a great school with great teachers I fit in well
I loved the fact that I got to use my talents to express who I am in my every day learning experience. The teachers and staff really care about their students and do everything they can in order to help them excel in their school work and prepare them to go out into the real world. They really help you deal with your struggles whether they are personal or academic.
My experience has been very great so far. The academic quality is amazing. All of the teachers work with you and help in any way they can. There are different and unique things about this school. There are many clubs that diverse to many different grades and talents. This school consists of 5 talent groups including Art, Creative Writing, Theatre, Dance, and Chorus. If parent have concerns and questions the school staff and assistance are there when you need them. What I would like changed is the amount of sports and activity we have involved in our school. Everything else about this school is very good.
M.A.C.A. is the only school in this area with specific curricular activities/focuses.
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I think it is a great school.
There are hardly any health issues. Everything is pretty much taken care of.
Extra activities like step team spirit team dram clubs beta clubs etc.
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