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Magna Vista High School Reviews

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Magna Vista is a vibrant and radiant community that is centered on bettering its student's through education and community relationships. The school is not lacking in any field; from sports to academics this school is a model example. There is something for every student at MV and the community welcomes every student with open arms.
magna vista does a good job at providing resources, but when it came to scholarships my advisor never answered my questions.
Magna Vista is an excellent high school even during these difficult times. Magna Vista has kept my classmates and I up to date on everything that we need to know. Magna Vista offers a number of activities for students to engage in .Magna Vista's number one priority is always their students no matter the cause.
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Magna Vista is a good high school. If I could change anything it would be sports equality. There were students going to State VHSL in their sport and getting no recognition or credit. Or the fact they are student-athletes now in college.
I am a current Junior at Magna Vista High School, and for the most part, I adore my school! We have a wide variety of classes and extracurriculars as well as many ways for students to become involved in their community and grow an impressive resumé. However my few complaints would be about the, however small, percentage of teachers who have become disenchanted with their jobs and simply don’t teach to the best of their abilities, as well as our both oppressive and sexist dress code.
The teachers at Magna Vista are very understanding to students and the situatuons they go through. They try to encourage and help the students as much as possible. I wish that Magna Vista would have offered more classes that I was interested in.
Magna Vista High School has provided me with a learning environment where I can take control of the way that I obtain knowledge and grow as a student. What makes Magna Vista unique is a New Tech program names Warrior Tech Academy, which I am apart of, which has a foundation of project-based learning. Through this program, I have learned how to become an effective public communicator while also enhancing my leadership and collaboration skills. Outside of Warrior Tech, through the math and science classes that I have taken over my course of high school, has also been a positive learning experience. The teachers are always willing to help and stay after to make sure that all students are on the same page. Overall, everyone in the building is all working toward the goal of student success and creating a future for the upcoming generations.
Magna Vista has an amazing band and theatre program. The teacher I have had contact with has gotten better as the years went on. My senior year teachers are the best teachers I've had.
Magna Vista is a great school that is full of educational opportunities and great people. However, their staff can make some questionable decisions at time and they have exams in addition to the SOLs.
When I first came to Magna Vista as a freshman, I was overwhelmed by the number of people I saw. As a pessimistic person, I believed that my years there would be filled with loneliness. However, over the years, I was welcomed with love by my fellow classmates, and my teachers ensured that I would get the best education possible. At Magna Vista, I met my life long friends. I truly believe that I would have found anyone like my friends at any other school. I've learned that my school welcomes everyone with love, no matter their race, religion, or differences that make a person unique. At my school, we take pride in being a warrior, especially at our school football games. Every game is filled with excitement and spirit, brought by supporting students and parents. I can proudly say that as my years at Magna Vista come to a close, that I have no complaints about the time I spent there. I love my school and no matter where life takes me, I will always be a Magna Vista Warrior.
Magana Vista High School was a very interesting experience between classes and playing sports. Most teachers were hands on and worked with each student individually. It's a pretty good school since it's small but very spirited when it came down to the school.
I love them environment about the school. Some things I would like to see change are the food and the way they handle situations.
Magna Vista has a great Administration staff that really cares about its students. I feel like we have a very good student culture here with a lot of school spirit. I personally love going to Magna Vista and would want to go to any other school in our district. The only thing that I don't like is how strict and unnecessary the dress code is.
I appreciate the sense of community. I would like to see the favoritism towards football players in comparison to other students changed.
I like Magna Vista’s school spirit. When Magna Vista shows their school spirit, it brings everybody together. I would like to see Magna Vista become a little more organized, and elaborate more with students about the rules.
Magna Vista lacks in so many ways. This school will not prepare you for college in any way, shape, or form. The lack of resources for college preparedness is embarrassing. However, everyone was nice and the sports are a unifying factor that brings students together.
I moved in the middle of junior year and I have been at magna vista for a year this semester. I like this school more than Bassett high school because Magna Vista has a structured class periods.
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Magna Vista is a wonderful high school. I moved to the area my junior year and have had the pleasure of attending Magna Vista so far. I'm currently in the spring semester of my senior year now, and I couldn't be more proud to call myself a future graduate of Magna Vista High School! Go Warriors!
Something that I appreciated about Magna Vista High School is how open you can be in classrooms. The environment was friendly, and everyone treated each other with respect.
Magna Vista High School is located in Southern Virginia. Magna Vista has a lot to offer academically in their vast array of programs to be involved in. I participate in the ACE academy, which allows me to earn my associates degree over the course of my junior and senior year. If there is one aspect I wish was different about Magna Vista is student involvement. Football is a big deal in my area, over the course of my high school career I have seen a decrease in student attendance. I wished students came together to support one another in all events more frequently. When students come together in any way, it creates a great impact. Overall, I appreciate the experience Magna Vista High School has offered me, but I am looking forward to what the future has in store.
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