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The school building is a little outdated but the school spirit and select staff members make the environment brighter. I loved the open-campus policy and new responsibilities that came along with attending the school. There are quite a bit of students at this school. The sports teams are just average, but there are countless clubs to join. Overall, my high school experience was average and I'm thankful for my time at Magic City Campus High School.
Magic City Campus is a school with a large student body. Given this, there is a place for everyone. The administration works hard to ensure that the students at Magic City Campus have many diverse clubs, activities and programs that they can participate in. Being a part of a large school community feels like you are a part of a large family. Everyone is on the same journey as you and you're going through your educational experience together. Another perk that comes from such a large number of students is the resources made available to all of the students at Magic City Campus. Though the school is large, you never feel insignificant or that you aren't cared for.
Overall the high school is quite sufficient and well geared for education. Any and all problems I have with the school are a district wide issue as opposed to a specific school based one.
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I have only visited Magic City Campus but I enjoyed the overall experience. It is a good cultural school with much diversity
They offer many great classes. These classes offer you chances to explore different careers. The teachers there are always willing to help you, whether it’s about school or not. They are there for any student. Oh
Magic City Campus is different from other high schools in the state because we are the only city to have one high school hold 9th/10th graders and the other hold 11th/12th graders. This means we have one of the largest high schools when it comes to sports teams and academics because there is only one high school where in other cities they have two or three that are 9th-12th.
The teachers genuinely care about you. they are always willing to listen to you when you need help or just a shoulder to lean on.
Magic City's High School has an excellent JROTC program that I was once in Command of. Our Sports Teams are some to be feared, especially Soccer and Swimming. The only problem I had was with diversity and the way some students would act around students of color and even those from a different state, such as military kids.
The teachers there are very kind and considerate of the students. There are a few teachers who would go above and beyond for their students. If I was struggling with a certain topic, or wanted more information that wasn't available at school, my teacher would do his own research in his own time to find resources that would help me.
I enjoyed Magic City Campus. The teachers are committed to help students learn and become their best selves. If there were anything to improve, I'd say it would be the school activities. In my opinion, the students should be more involved with the school.
I liked how comfortable it was and how nice everyone was. I went there for four years and I really learned a lot from many teachers and even students. I liked that they offered a lot of clubs and after school activities to do. They also had a good balance between the Arts and the STEM.
My experience at magic city campus was overall really great. I feel like all the classes that are offered give students what they need to help them succeed in both the classroom and in some cases later in life.
I first got to the school last year and it has been a pretty good experience so far. I was very scared at first especially since I was moving to a new state. The people are very into their education despite not being very open and talkative. The education at the school is pretty good and they have a lot of unique and nice classes to take. It was way better than the jersey city public school I was at before by 10 fold.
Magic City Campus is a good school overall. It is full of academic options with staff willing to work with students. My largest complaint is that the student base is heavily separated, with different groups being quite introverted.
My years at Magic City Campus have been relatively successful and have prepared me for my time to come. I only had one major problem, the administration was very out of touch with their students.
The classes allowed to the students are wonderful!! As a student i was able to explore different career paths. This allowed me to look into the medical field. As of right now I am excited to say that i will be following the career path in becoming a travel NICU nurse!! I was able to look into any medical field i wanted. i was also given the opportunity to participate and be given college credit in some of my classes. The teachers there are easy to talk to. The allow time before and after school to come in and have students talk with them about their grades.
Plenty of accommodating classes. Good selection of AP classes as well as dual credit. More clubs than I can count. Head principal kinda sucks, but the assisting principals are great and try their best to make kids feel welcome. OPEN CAMPUS!
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Attempted to charge students who threw water balloons, and handled the situation poorly. Students who made memes based off of the event were given out of school suspension. However, the teachers are great people. They helped me face some problems of mine and gave me advise.
Magic City Campus is very involving of other students which is why it's very diverse. The teachers are amazing for the most part and are always there for help and support.
Most of the teachers are really nice. I would really like to see more opportunity to take more classes in fields I’m interested in, especially psychology. More AP or dual credit classes would be nice.
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