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I loved my four years at Maggie Walker. It taught me an insane amount about academics and social interaction, and I feel more than prepared for college. It is known as a very difficult school academic wise, and that was very true in my experience. I feel that the late nights writing papers was completely worth it, as my writing ability and comfort in the area exceeds anything I could have imagined before high school. Being a fairly small school may be difficult at some times in the social area, but academic wise connecting with teachers and getting extra support is very easy.
Lovely school but unnecessarily stressful; prepare for type A personalities only. I came to this school from a private school which is a bit unusual, but despite all of the wonderful people, the environment can get a bit toxic. Grades and GPA, colleges and honor societies are all MAJOR focuses amongst a majority of the students and faculty. It can get overwhelming quickly. The education is good, not amazing, but very dependent on the classes you take. Some teachers suck while others are stellar. It's a mixed bag.

Really the school is not worth all of the hype it receives, it's a fairly normal high school. As for the homework, it's also very dependent on the classes you take. For AP Physics C you can expect an hour and thirty minutes or more each night on homework for that class only. Other classes such as AP English Lit hardly ever had homework assigned.
I’m halfway through my time at MLWGS but I want to say that I wouldn’t be who I am today without it. It’s taught me so much about who I am as a person, whereas what I want to be when I grow up or what my personal beliefs are. MLWGS also provides so many opportunities, such as the senior mentorships, study abroad trips, and wide variety of clubs. I would say the worst thing about the school is the stress culture, as it does nothing but harm every student’s mental health. However, I wouldn’t trade it for the world.
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The magical thing about this school, for me anyway, is that it informed me about the type of person who I want to be both from a moral and from an aspirational standpoint. Every academic and ethical trial and tribulation that students face at this school, regardless of whether the result is success or failure, serves to bolster potential for future. Although many people at this school are competitive and strive for perfection, it is OKAY to make mistakes here because, contrary to what your uber-competitive peers might lead you to believe, high school itself doesn’t really matter. What matters is the experience and understanding with which you leave high school. If you work to broaden your perspectives by listening to your teachers and making connections between disparate topics, you will leave with the school’s central thesis: you are intimately linked to the greater world through how you decide to apply your knowledge of it.
Maggie Walker is an overall great school that challenges its students and provides valuable life lessons. My experience at MW has been far from easy, and someone considering attending MW should be prepared for heavy workloads and high academic expectations. Despite the pressures attending the school comes with, the experiences it provides are incomparable to those you would find at other high schools. You will be sure to meet some of the best people and teachers in your life at MW, be exposed to diverse cultures and beliefs, and be a part of a tight-knit community that makes all of the stresses and pressures worth it.
Great school with amazing opportunities, however most teachers are mediocre and it can be stressful.
Maggie L. Walker Governor's School is full of diversity with students from all over the world. In addition, it has great and unlimited resources to help students in school. It also has great teachers and faculty members who are always there to help students and always think the best for them. Finally, it has a friendly environment where students can social, learn, and have four amazing years.
This is a school where students will definitely be challenged. But it is also a school where you will meet some of your favorite teachers and people, find your closest group of friends, and also discover or reinforce your passion.
Maggie Walker was a transformative experience. I have never felt so intellectually stimulated and supported in my life. I met remarkable people who inspired and motivated me every day to achieve and persevere. I have truly blossomed under Maggie Walker’s amazing community and staff. Although I believe stress and pressure is a major downside to the energy of the school, the recent acts by administration to relieve this caustic plague have really made a difference. A lightened homework load and a general increased happiness has continued to brighten my experiences at Maggie Walker
Maggie Walker has been such an incredible place to call home. Fellow students and faculty create a culture of trust and support, making the hard work worth it. The opportunities provided from the school, especially through the mentorship program, have given me a new way to look at the world and my future. I wouldn't want to go to any other high school. It will be hard leaving it behind. Thank you Maggie Walker and all of my teachers and fellow students for making the last 4 years so amazing.
Maggie Walker is a great school for children to expand their knowledge . It is my strong personal belief that any student with a passion to learn should make it their obligation to attend Maggie Walker . In all my years attending Maggie Walker , I have always felt welcome and valued as a student . As the main goal for Maggie Walker is to help children to exceed expectations, that had been the goal met by me and every other student who has attended Maggie Walker . Maggie Walker offers numerous amounts of college readiness and has benefited every student walking through the doors. Education is valued likewise the students and staff are just as important .
While Maggie Walker has thoroughly prepared me for college academics, the mental health culture is toxic and elitist, the workload is ridiculous, and we seem to actually be at a disadvantage with college admissions (many of my friends were deferred or even denied from UVA while friends at other schools with similar stats were accepted). However, I have made some amazing friends here and we do have a lot of great opportunities not offered at other schools. In particular, I’ve loved participating in the mentorship program and We the People team. However, it takes a special kind of student to succeed at this school. Many burn out and lose their passion for learning from the cutthroat culture here and find themselves lost during college.
A very good environment with a high standards of education. Maggie Walker Governor’s School has great diversity and overall prepares students for college.
At Maggie Walker, you are able to develop skills that you will use for the rest of your life. The culture around MLW is like no other and the education you receive is one of the best you can get. I believe that in the future MLW will continue to thrive in aspects: academics, sports, and the arts.
Maggie Walker is a college prep school currently ranked #8 in the nation, and in my experience it has definitely lived up to the academic expectations. This school only offers honors, plus, AP and Dual Enrollment courses, so students attending need to be prepared to put in the work to maintain good grades. I have found that the majority of the teachers are incredibly understanding as long as effort is shown, and the students are all equally motivated and interested in learning. This school is meant for students who are willing to put forward the effort to succeed, because it is highly expected of them from teachers and students alike. Other things to note about Maggie Walker are that it pulls from multiple different surrounding counties, is free, and has many different extracurricular opportunities including limitless clubs, thriving opportunities within the arts, and various musical and theatre options.
I have had an overall good experience at MWLGS. The curriculum is challenging and it feels like the teachers love what they do.
Maggie Walker is an incredibly difficult but easily manageable school if you have the right mindset and work ethic. While in the moment it may feel like the stress and pressure is unbearable, a diploma from Maggie Walker, the skills granted to you by the phenomenal teachers, the high SAT, ACT, and AP scores that Maggie Walker has trained you for and the unwavering school spirit will make the struggle worth it.
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It’s a very good school that highly prepares their students for college. I would give it five stars, if not for some of the teachers who do not seem to listen or care for their students, however there is only a few of those.
I love Maggie Walker. Highly competitive admissions, but honestly such an amazing environment at the school. So many opportunities and I have found great success. Join cross country and track!
Very rigorous academics and prepared me very well for college. Classes are highly engaging and selective. Healthy competition between students. Heavily charged academic culture. Great sports.
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