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Magellan is a fantastic school. The IB program is phenomenal. Ms. Paula and Ms. Anna - in PP4 - are wonderful. My daughter did a presentation as a 4 year old that blew me away - her presentation skills are fantastic, and I love that she got to learn this so early on. Scott Hibbard, the head of the school, is the ultimate professional. The teachers and the administration of the school are great. My daughter really learned and thrived there.
We enrolled our child at age 3 for Spanish immersion. At eight she is fluent and starting Mandarin. But languages are the tip of the iceberg. We also love the inquiry-based curriculum, the community, and the theatre and music programs. By the way, the meal program has a vegetarian option.
We have three children in Magellan and have been blown away by this school. The Spanish immersion program is very impressive. By first grade, kids are fully fluent in Spanish with a great accent. The IB curriculum teaches them to think and embraces open-mind thinking. The teachers are loving and create an environment that makes children safe and curious to learn. We have also been impressed by the parent involvement. We love this school!
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I love the school's vision. As Teachers, we have the freedom to choose curriculum which we regularly review to seek out any improvement that will benefit the students. The environment is amazing, we teachers work extremely hard and we dedicate extra time to grow and improve our practices. At MIS we work as a team and we always exceed expectations. Now, with our new head of the school, our voices are heard. We regularly hold professional training that fit our needs.
We love Magellan! our preschooler is there now, and we adore the school and teachers. The family community is wonderful too. Our other little one will be attending next year.
Magellan is truly one of the best private schools in Austin. It's not just the Spanish and Mandarin immersion, the IB curriculum, or the inquiry-based curriculum - it's also that the teachers are the most caring and compassionate and engaged teachers, that is what really matters. Our three kids are excited to go to school every day that makes the price tag fully worth it.
Spanish immersion, Mandarin, and inquiry-based learning -- I can't believe the education my daughter is getting! The community of teachers, staff, parents, and children is incredible too. I'm completely happy with our choice to send her to Magellan.
Magellan is fantastic. The school is teaching my children to be critical thinkers and encouraging them to be curious. The curriculum is diverse and challenging. The teachers a skilled, caring and creative.
This school is incredible. My husband and I speak zero Spanish and both of our girls are now fluent. The IB curriculum is well structured and the faculty and staff excellent. Students are stretched and the results are reflected in national test scores. Strong emphasis on leadership, public speaking, working in teams and thinking globally with high ethical standards. Singapore math.
My kids started when the school opened in 2009. My oldest started in 2nd grade and graduated from 8th grade there in 2016 and my youngest started in PK4 and will graduate in 2019. The school is a gem and unique not only in Austin but only one of 8 schools in the country offering what it offers. Not only are the teachers incredibly qualified, warm, and caring, but they also teach using the International Baccalaureate program which ensures kids foster their curiosity, problem solving skills, and empathy. The school recently added a design thinking program at all age levels that includes a new innovation laboratory. Together these allow kids to explore taking their ideas to reality. Finally, the multilingual education gives kids fluency in three languages - English, Spanish, and Chinese. All these together, plus an incredibly committed community of parents, teachers, staff, and students, make it a place like no other.
Unique to Austin, the International Baccalaureate curriculum paired with a true Spanish Immersion program, Magellan has given both of my kids, despite their very different personalities, a desire to love learning and face challenges head-on, as well as a deep-seeded curiosity of world cultures.