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I like the small classes, it helps with focused studies. They can somehow cram all that knowledge but make it feel like a game of paper. The diversity has risen over the years, and lots of the kids are nice. It helps prepare students for upcoming years and incorporates all of the "specials" and "electives" into the classes or you can sign up for an after school activity. You get to bring your own food which helps with allergy and health worries from stressed parents. I've seen two very nice janitors and lots of encouraging words all around. Thank you Magellan Charter for being a great school.
Magellan is a very good school. It has amazing resources, and most of the teachers are extremely nice and understanding. There is low diversity, but there is a high amount of parent involvement. The clubs are pretty good (I'm not in one though), and after-school activities are world qualifiers. They have an amazing college readiness program, and the facilities inside are clean
It was awful because of teachers, homework, social problems, only white and no diversity, no cafeteria, no specials, and tiny classes. High school has definitely been way better.
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Small classes, engaged teachers and admin. Students are taught how to be organized, respectful, responsible, and academically focused. Follows the state curriculum with the flexibility for overnight field trips each year to provide good bonding opportunity.
They have after school learning, including second languages, music, art, and sports
It is very challenging but the teachers are there after hours to help the students. They work with them in the classroom and keep the parents in the loop.
The teachers are there before school and after school to help my son. They don't charge extra for their time like my experience with Wake County Public schools. They genuinely care for their students. Lots of engaging field trips. Lots of parent involvement. Hands on learning is a plus. It is an awesome school.
Counselor is great and conducts small group workshops on relevant topics.

Principal listens to all sides and makes decision that is unbiased but is really strict.
No transportation, no cafeteria, no library.

Great technology, teachers, tutoring, parental involvement and counselors.
In some ways it was great to be at a small school, but it made some issues hard to deal with - like social ones
there were 67 kids in my grade and only 6 were non-white. There were NO non-white staff, teacher or administrators until 8th grade and then it was ONE.
There are some sports but you have to pay to join them and you have to have transportation to practices. Only basketball and soccer practice at the school - there are no other fields so we used public parks, etc. There is no gym class - just recess.
There are sports and some clubs, but you have to pay for all of them and they are pretty expensive. There aren't many clubs either - yearbook, drama, art and lego league and chess - that's it.
We didn't have a nurse full time - a few hours a week at most, but you could get ibuprofen from the front office if they called your parent for permission.

Bullying isn't tolerated if you tell someone.
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