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Magee is very good and academically good but I feel like students are more worried about drama and fighting then academics
What I don't understand is how is it that the kids have so much freedom to do whatever in the schools. I don't blame the school entirely because it starts at home, however, the percentage of proficiency is completely unacceptable. There needs to be a after school intervention or something form of discussion had to talk to students to see what their point of view and for us parents to find a way to help them. I am SO upset that I did not know about this school background until after my child was enrolled. The first day of school my child came home and told me about kids smoking vape pens in the class room, loud music being played in the classroom, and the lack of interest from the teachers. I mean come on! It seems to me the teachers don't know how to connect with the students. There has to be a disconnect somewhere. What can the parents do as volunteers to help with the students overall. This is so sad, VERY SAD.
Excellent school for my child. The teachers respect him and i hope he respects them as much. Nothing but nice things to say about this school
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Magee was a great school to go to. I enjoyed the classes and the teachers were always so eager to teach us!
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