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Magee High School is an fun and educational place. Its not to large but not small enough to make you feel bundled up together. In my years of being at magee high school i have learned just about everything i will need for life. While at magee i used to think of the teachers and students as people i should not pay mind to. Now i think of them as a second family. I just graduated and I believe that i am gonna miss going to magee high.
i love magee! great teachers and an overall amazing school. at magee there is so many different cultures and people.i have been going there since i got into school.
This school is a dangerous environment for children and offers terrible educational opportunity and little to no college prep. If your child is attending this school, I suggest you remove them immediately.
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Magee High school is a school that changes alot and you have to learn to adapt quickly. One of the things I like about magee high school is the tennis team.
The people are all so different. It was like living with family. Even though at times it was difficult, you pull through. You learn the most in High School and at that school i did.
Magee High School is your average small town school. It has an okay football team, and a great marching band. Magee High School always has helpful students and staff. The only thing is it would be better with some updated facilities.
My experience at Magee High was ok. There was a lot of teacher turn overs, which I did not think was good. The school also placed emphasis on one particular sport more than the others. If I had to change anything, I would change who was in charge of the school.
Magee High School should be a school that is focused more on academics of the kids, then the athletes that play every sport offered. They should allow students to voice their opinions when making decisions that will affect everyone as a whole.
I used to think that Magee was a great school until I started attending Mississippi College. The next time I went to a Magee High School event, I realized that it was not near as great as I thought it was. Especially since it did not prepare me for college very well.
Manger High School has had such an impact on my life and been the best 4 years I could've asked for. The only thing I would change is something to get students more involved.
Academics and Teachers are fairly good esp Dual Enrollment, except us waiting til Senior Year to touch Chemistry and Trigonometry and conservative views.
There is always something for most students today with the Clubs & Activities.
Never felt threatened.
Food could have more variety than it does.
I like the teachers! Most of them actually care about you as a person. I would like to see the School District actually listen to the teachers and students for once.
MHS needs a counselor who helps the seniors prepare for college. My son requested his transcripts be sent to the college of his choice and they were sent a month later causing him to miss a scholarship deadline. He made a 26 on his ACT and makes very good grades and is a member of multiple clubs but now gets told he may not graduate because he along with almost all the other seniors in a class that did not have a teacher for the first few months of school did not complete assignments given to them although it is not the students fault that there was a staff shortage. 6 teachers have put in resignation notices for next year and its only February. Also the football coach/coaches talk horribly to football players and do not play all team members. In my opinion the coaches are bullies.
The school overall has a good atmosphere. I would just like to see more activities and hands on work with the senior students.
It's enough to stay busy, but not enough to overwhelm you with studies.
It's consistent with whites and blacks, but there are some other cultural diversities.
The school mostly consist of whites and blacks. There are a few Hispanic or Asian here and there. The majority are girls with a sprinkle of boys from different races.
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It very neutral. Like an average schools workload. Not to much to overwhelm you, but enough to make you sweat a little.
The school doesn't have a a wide range of criminal activiy, so we rarely have security.
This school doesn't seem to think anything other than the football team needs funding. They don't put money into anything else not even the cheerleaders get funded. Clubs, extra curricular activities, and ect are at a low standard.
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