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what i like about Magdalena High School is that you're always welcome whenever and people here are nice, Magdalena is a very small community but we all come together to make it work.
Magdalena High School is a very "tight-knit" educational community where students, staff and parents are all very supportive with all student activities. Especially sports. Magdalena is known for it's community and as well as the respectfulness shown by the kids in our school! This school is definitely one that could be considered one huge family without exaggeration.
I like that staff and teachers really try and make sure you learn everything you can. They focus on teaching you and they are also very helpful if you may be behind on classes. Their goal is to graduate everybody.
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What I liked about Magdalena High School is that the community supports us kids in sports, school, and whatever we do. Changes i'd like to see in Magdalena is for more people to recognize how great our school is even though it's a small town and school.
There are a lot of fun things that the school puts on for students.
I wish there were more courses offered here.
The school is really supportive toward athletes and do a lot for them.
I really like this school because all of my friends and family attends here. I enjoy the activities that the school puts on throughout the year. If I had the opportunity to start all over again I would do so.
Some of the teachers that teach at my school change their grading methods or have different problems for homework than what they taught in class. It sometimes makes it really difficult to learn when the methods are changed. I wish there was more consistency with those few teachers. There are some really good teachers in this school that do really care and help their students.
I choose to pick this school again because I really like how everybody is there by your side helping you with things. Everything about that school is great I love it and how they run their system on how they run their school. You learn a lot over there and they would understand everything if you need help with anything.
The teacher's there at Magdalena High School are great. They really know how to help the students there and really know how to find ways to help the students. The thing I like about them the most is that they are willing to go above and beyond to help one another no matter what and they can encourage you to do good. Their teaching there is great the teacher can explain everything what's going on and how to do things even if you don't understand they always find a way to for you to understand.
Administration is the worst, they aren't there for the kids.
The sports teams are fine, facilities need work.
No one wants to teach in a rural area so most of the teachers we get don't really care.
There are not many things for students to do. Small schools don't get the help they need so you either play sports or go home, that's it.
I felt well prepared for college. It is just a hard adjustment coming from a small town to a city.
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