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This school is about more than your learning experience. It is a culture. When you attend Magazine School District, you’re immediately adopted as a Rattler. The environment is safe and loving. Stepping into the halls, you immediately feel like family. Leaving the halls for the last time, all the amazing memories you’ll make come rushing back. The teachers treat you will the care of their own children, and the students feel like siblings. You are given lots of opportunity to grow as both a student and a person. Over all, I truly believe that if you attend Magazine, you’ll always be able to say those were the best days of your life.
Magazine High School did practically nothing to prepare me for college. Some of the teachers were alright, but for the most part they did not care about the students. The administration most certainly did not care about the students.
Magazine is a great school if your child is just starting school. I say that because it's small and everyone knows everyone. Now if you have a teenager going into high-school, Magazine tries it's best for you child. There are many great teachers as well as students. There is little to no bullying at Magazine and the school has a great atmosphere.
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I like that the staff actually helps the students get to where they need to be to move on. If you are stuck on something someone will help you.
Magazine is the best school I've ever been to. I have attended four schools in my time, and this one has by far set the bar. It is an ideal place for athletes and mathletes alike. The faculty care about us, and they work harder than should be legal (considering teacher salary) in order for us to succeed.
I like the spirits that our school has. At JD Leftwich we are always supporting our athletics and always trying our best academically.
I like the people, they are very friendly, everyone is close and the teachers really help the student succeed no matter what!
At J.D. Leftwich High School, there are very few things that I wish would change. The staff is kind and helpful, the administration is always changing things for the best interest of the students. The only complaints that I have would be a little selfish. I ask for thing such as an open campus, and a soda machine! Although these things have obvious reasons why they are not allowed, I just know most students would love these "upgrades."
I went to JD Leftwich High School from 7th grade till I graduated in 2016. I loved this school. I had grown up in Magazine my whole life and everyone knows each other. The town has around 900 people. The school was the same. We had about 300 kids and everyone knew everyone. I loved the feeling of walking down the halls and knowing every kids face and the teachers were so kind and very good at what they do. I miss high school everyday. I loved it and will always remember the good times I had with my frineds and teachers.
I like how all of the teachers truly care about your education, future, and your well being. At magazine we take school spirit very seriously and care about being a close community. If I could change one thing it would be for them to get a home economics class.
I attend JD Leftwich High School as a senior, and can honestly say it is an amazing school. When someone is in need, everyone comes rushing to help. The teachers are always willing to lend a helping hand, the student body is kind and hard working, and the sports program is filled with dedicated athletes ready to improve and learn. It is an amazing school and I recommend it to anyone!
JD Leftwich is a wonderful HS. It is small enough so that the staff knows every child, not just the ones they have in class. Despite the size, there are still multiple opportunities for the students in academics, sports, clubs and activities.
I have went to J.D. Leftwich High School since kindergarten. It is a great school with the best teachers I could ever ask for. Learning is fun here and I wish everyone could experience it. If there was one thing I would change about the school it would be for Jr high and senior high students to have the option to eat together because I never got to see my friends from the grade below me my 10th grade year. Overall it is a great school and I am very fortunate to and honored to have to attend J.D Leftwich.
J.D. Leftwich is a very small school so it gives great opportunities to get to know your classmates and have a one-on-one student/teacher bond. One thing I would like to see change at J.D. Leftwich is the number of opportunities and diverse classes and also the food.
I love my school we are small town as can be and have a great community everyone supports us as a school in everything from football to academics. The teachers here are amazing I'm going to miss this place.
MY experience here has been great I liked this school since I first got here. We all are friends here. We don't really judge here and that is something I like about this school. Then there is nothing that I wish we don't have to change.
I enjoy this school. Before I came to this school, I went to Ozark High School and I couldn't learn well. I didn't start learning well until I moved to Magazine and attended J.D. Leftwich High School. J.D. Leftwich is a small school and no one gets left behind. It's easy to join in a sport that you want to join in. It's not a big school, so anyone can play the sport of their dreams. The people here are friendly, and the teachers teach well. I know I'm gonna miss this High School.
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The teachers at J. D. Leftwich makes sure you're not left behind. They like helping any time you need help. This school is small, but it's really good.
Occasional health checkups, with an easy to get too medical building for said checkups and even eye exams.
Many extra-curricular activities, Generally try to strive their best, Often times really fun.
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