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Many discussions about these topics with the kids and parents.
No a lot of clubs, etc.
Great school. Lucky we got in.
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Teachers always make sure everyone understand lessons
Teachers still need to improve on help students to prevent bullying.
All policies were consistent and logical. Attendance was straightforward and so was the dress code, it was easy to follow and they were very reasonable. I did not see much bullying, but I still had lessons against it.
Every teacher in my experience at the school was attentive and passionate. They were willing to listen to students' inputs and their struggles in their learning and were very knowledgeable and passionate about what they were teaching. They were fun and yet, I was able to retain the knowledge.
This school was unique because of the inclusive community. There was a very strong parent community to help out students in the class and during field trips. There was also a large Deaf and Hard of Hearing community which I thought was helpful for them, but also for educating students who may not know of their struggles. No matter what background or age, there was a place for each student and I appreciated that.
There was adequate technology and great parent involvement, but there was little information about college and even less to do with preparing one for college.
I was not aware of many sports activities or clubs at the school. The only one that I knew of was an ultimate frisbee club and a Deaf and Hard of Hearing community.
I remember there was a great support group within teachers, other staff, and older students as this was a k-8 school. Teachers were always willing to listen, there were helpful nurses and counselors, and the older students were an additional resource that I don't believe many other schools had access to.
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