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Madrona Middle School Reviews

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Madrona was truly a special place for me. I made some of my lifelong friends there and was also taught by at the time, the best teachers in the district. I got along with all the staff and faculty and really enjoyed my time there. It is a beautiful school with great kids.
There are no honors courses, so everyone is on the same level. Often, many tests are on the same day.
This middle school does not offer many clubs or organizations, only a few.
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Often you don't see middle schools with athletic teams, but this middle school had a soccer, basketball, and volleyball team which makes this school very involved and unique. I would chose this school again and again because the working environment is very great and everyone is willing to get involved with school activities.
The teachers each have a unique teaching styles and do care about their student's success. Nearly all teachers are willing to help their students outside of class and offer after school or lunch study sessions. The teachers are also very approachable, therefore increasing the success of students at the school.
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