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Madrid-Waddington Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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Some of the teachers really care about how you do and your academics, others are just waiting for retirement and couldn’t care less. Guidance department is wonderful and super helpful. The school is very cliquey and care heavily about athletics, if you aren’t an athlete you feel sort of pushed to the side. College classes are offered and if you take a lot your senior year you will feel prepared for college.
There are many different activities to suit different interests, and it’s easy to form close bonds with teachers. However, I don’t feel well prepared for college.
Not the most fun place but supportive! The teachers are always there to help. Everyone in high school is very involved in sports and there is a great atmosphere. The staff is always making sure you do your best because we are a small school and everyone knows everyone.
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I have been able to experience a close-knit school where I have made close friends and good relationships with my teachers. Help is always available to me and my teachers always provide me with good opportunities to benefit my future.
Overall I love this school and I'm glad I spent my time here!
Coaches train us well, exept for the softball coach. He doesn't know what he is doing, and out school need new softball and baseball uniforms. They put every other sport first instead of those two.
Every school is going to have peer pressure, you just have to teach kids about it and how to respond.
Our school staff provides us with every thing we will need to graduate. Guidance helps us seniors establish college goals, and I don't find any problems with our school.
The food is ok, but not too much in the way of healthy alternatives. I guess it is like most cafeteria foods. The cafeteria workers seem to get the most out of each food product. Seems like the menu is kind of monotonous each month, with the same foods on the same dates.
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