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Had a great time and was surrounded by a great community. The town and people within it are very supportive of the school and all the activities that take place within it.
I loved my experience at Madrid High School. It felt like a very personal and closely-knit community where everyone cared about each other. The art, speech, and drama programs were all really fun. I feel like all of these things helped me to develop as a student and as a person. The food wasn't super amazing, but the rest of the things that I mentioned made up for it.
I have been going to Madrid High School for about three years. I think that the best thing about it is that the teachers reach out and make an effort with the students, and the clubs and activities are engaging. However, there is a very sharp downside to this, namely in terms of diversity and school culture. For example, racial slurs are regularly thrown around--even at me--and it is typical for queer students to be openly bullied over their sexuality or gender identity. I and others formed a GSA, but when we tried to put up posters for National Coming Out Day with statistics and encouraging messages, administration tore them down without permission. They claimed it was making religious students uncomfortable, that parents didn't like them, and that they didn't want other schools to think they had any sort of political affiliation (even though they regularly promote religious activities). It is also common for students to make jokes about rape or to bully those with disabilities.
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It's a pretty good school, but a pretty small school. If the teachers don't like you, it can affect your classroom experience in not only their classes, but other teachers within the same department. There are no AP course offerings, but we are able to take college classes from DMACC free of charge, as long as our GPA is high enough. Madrid places a lot of emphasis on sports rather than academic achievement, which is frustrating and unfair to the more academically inclined kids.
Madrid is nice in the fact that, it's a small school which enables the one on one kind of experience you can't get at bigger schools. Madrid is also more focused on preventing bullying, depression, and other problems that are often present in school. On the other hand, the school isn't the highest quality and we only have one guidance counselor which makes it extremely challenging to have any time with her. There has also been some stealing, so you can't just leave your bag in the locker room unprotected.
I feel that this school is safe for the children. We are a very small district. The staff knows all the students and parents. The nurse is available and checks in on students often. I know we have security measures and that any problems are communicated immediately. Since we are a small town, we do not have school security but the local police force is very prominent if needed.
My children have all had positive experiences at this school. There are opportunities for them to be a part of many extracurricular activities, and their interaction and relationships with their teachers were amazing. They had teachers that encouraged their interests and helped to guide them in what they chose to pursue after high school. Our guidance counselor was great in providing all students with post-graduate options. We are fortunate that our children have such a supportive school district.
We have several teachers that go above and beyond and you can tell their genuine care for the students. We do have a couple that have inconsistent grading and are maybe a little more inexperienced. Overall, the teachers are great and have a love of teaching their subjects to the students.
I love both sports and arts programs. However, I feel as if the arts program needs more support to balance out with the support for sports.
There are always a few parents that are difficult for the sake of being difficult, but in all, the parental support in our community is very positive.
Most teachers are very engaging in their classes. There are a few that are inconsistent with grading, however every teacher is very easy to approach and challenges their students.
Sometimes teachers don't listen what students have to say
Not sure what is available other than athletics
Most are great, but some lack enthusiasm.
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