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I love my school very much! They provide a comfortable and safe learning environment that isn't really available in other schools. Along with our religious beliefs and rulings we can combine academics with religion to build an outstanding school. Being in this school has taught me so many beneficial things that will surely benefit me in my next stages in life.
In my four years of being a student in madrasat Ahlus Sunnah I’ve had great experience of my religion and other things
some teachers put more effort in teaching then others
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we have a basketball team and its fun and very competetive
this school year has been very interesting. i'm a very shy person so when my classmates were able to bring me out of my shell, i was very surprised. they were so nice and they accepted my awkwardness and weirdness. they never once made fun of me for being myself and i love that. in just a few months i have grown so close to each and everyone of them and it feels like i've known them for year. what i love the most about this school adn why i would choose this school again is because how close we all can become. honestly its like an extended family. we have have different gaols but we are all walking the same path and we support each other no matter what.
my math teacher is very arty and creative. she lets us do lots of foldables and projects to make math for fun and excited and she lets us do it in our own way so that we'll be able to express ourselves and learn math at our own pace. she's very dependable and easy to talk to.
The anti bullying is very strong. We have assemblies and workshops on it
They are not the best but it is not something that could not be fixed with a few fundraisers.
The work load is not heavy and the teachers need a few more workshops.
Our school have, on average, four options of food to get. My school lunch is very health. Our meal consist of the nutritions needed in a basic meal, fruit, vegetables, milk, grain, and poultry. I enjoy my lunch on most occasions. The school always have an extra meal for people who have allergies. The school overall have a decent lunch room environment. It is clean, organized, and it isn't hectic.
My school have only a basketball team for the boys. It is a great team that allows students to enjoy basketball. During Physical Education the students play several games, such as badminton, dodgeball, volleyball, and etc. Our school do not have the best programs, but it is decent.
our school have no no extracurricular activities nor do it have sports clubs for the students. After school students usually go home or hang out with their friends. That administration does not support us after school we have no organizations nor clubs that will benefit us in the future. We have no clubs at all.
my school have a a good administration teen. Question I believe the policies affect the children and parents in a good way apologies are very strict yet it disappoints the students with behavior will change. The sad enforces a lot of policies and is always on. Teachers Statham initiators I always concerned and focus on dress code policy and attendance. Bowling is not allowed in school and is always looked down upon.
I actually enjoyed my elementary years up till 6th grade. The rest have been boring not fun and entertaining and very bad. I don't have a best experience regarding the school only have bad memories.I would never go to the school again if I had a chance.
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