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Overall it’s a great school. However the teachers from the school sometimes take forever to grade work and also the school lunch is bad. However the school spirit is strong and that’s what a lot of students enjoy about Madras high school. A very diverse school as well.
It is a great diversity school. However, could use improvements in the administration. Some of their rules are ridiculous and very unfair for the teachers working at the school. The teachers are good very informative and resourceful. It’s not just the teachers but the faculty do their best to be helpful and resourceful as well. The school gives different opportunities for students. In their previous school year 2019, they had a very high graduation rate. Many students do their best to be inclusive and help out with some of the community activities. Everyone is also very respectful throughout previous years and do their best to get along with other students. In all matters I would say that the school has improved since my Freshman year.
What I’ve liked about Madras High School is probably being able to make more friends and learn new things. We got more opportunities to try new things and go on trips to experience things such as health experiences learning how it works in the medical field. They give a wide variety of learning. What I’d like to see change is how they teach towards people because not many students understand the work and I feel that they should learn new ways to communicate and help more visually and verbally. I’d also like to see a change in classes add more classes that help with learning more of real life situations , also more history of other races such as Native American history.
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The school was well put together and had a strong push forward academically and in sports, but due to mismanagement with administration the new path went from strong upcoming school in the state to a rebuilding agenda. I enjoyed my time as I felt the teachers were in it for the students and the academics were challenging enough for the fast paced students and still able to cater to those who need extra assistance. But as soon as the following fall it seemed the staff were filled with new faces and the administration were scrambling to fill positions that may not have been the most qualified.
Madras High School brings a lot of diversity among not just people but courses as well. We have one of the most diverse crowds of people from our reservation 30 miles away, our latina/latino population and our study abroad programs. But, our school isn’t perfect, none are. We have a bullying problem (it’s getting better but still prominent) and we also have a large queer community which doesn’t really mix well.
Some of the teachers were pretty cool. Love physical education, sports and games and strength and conditioning classes. Our sports programs are great. Tons of variety there.
They have fixed the grading system so anybody can graduate from here. I think they are trying making it easier for us but really it's going to make it harder on us in the long run. When we are go into the real world we won't have the skills other kids have because they have made it too easy on us.
Madras High School was pretty accommodating but I don't feel that it has really prepared me for anything. With our constantly changing curriculum and backwards rules I find that I dislike having to get up in the morning for school. When you miss multiple days of school and or classes they send you to ISS which just means you miss even more classes.
Madras High School is alright the school board likes to to change the grading system, but it’s okay. Also, they have pretty chill and nice teachers and some of them are a little annoying, but you’ll get used to it.
Madras High school is a school in a small community that allows for great connections and opportunities for the students. I think the administration is very closed minded and very misunderstanding of the students.
Have felt outcasted. Love the counselors. Need more connection among students and administrators and student voices need to be heard.
It's a great school, most if the teachers are nice and helpful. They are mostly only available to answer questions during school though. I'm personally not a big fan of the administration, because they would rather just suspend you then figure out the reasons why you did what you did. They don't want to deal with the students instead they treat you like you don't exist.
Madras gives you a small town feel which is unique. It has its share of community drama however it is mostly peaceful and open. The majority of students are hispanic despite its location near a reservation and mill. If I had the choice to do it again i would without a second guess. Met life long friends here.
They worked well with me to graduate early by providing a proctor for my exams who made it easy to take tests whenever I needed them. However, they failed to put me in classes with the class I was graduating with which made senior activities difficult. One thing they really need to work on is the proficiency based grading which was intended to help students pass their classes, but actually made things more difficult. They have a high drop out rate, but need a better strategy on fixing the issue.
Just like the teachers. Parents are different for each student. Here and there we might see a parent at the school. But generally the kids are independent hen it come to school life.
The teachers are generally really good. It really depends on each individual student to judge whether they like a certain teacher or not, because each student has their own way of learning.
There has not been any intense bullying done. School is very strict about bullying.
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Diversity and difference. That is what I came to love from my school. From White Americans, powerful Latino community, and a nearby Native-American tribe, we all join and become one at this high school. My best memories come from sport trips. That was where I was able to bond and learn different traditions on long bus rides, but the sharing wouldn't stop there. Inside the class rooms there was even more sharing. Learning and understanding the hobbies of my native friends, and comparing them to those of my American friends really opened my eyes to how unique everyone is. If I were to do it all over, I'd just wish there was more people so it could be a 6A school. Other than that, I would change nothing.
Since Madras Oregon isn't such a big place, teachers often find themselves having one-on-one talks with students pretty frequent. When the teacher is unavailable, it is for valid reasons. For example, my math teacher also teaches a college course in our nearby community college. She leaves after school, but will let her students know ahead of time so they could adjust their schedules. Overall, teachers at Madras High have to deal with a great amount of diversity, having to adjust to the situations and making sure nothing offensive is being said. Every teacher has their work cut out for them, but they all excel at it. Not one teacher has been accused of not teaching a subject correctly. Although there are some situations where things could go south. In a government class, the teaching style is through book. I, for one, am not a fan of this style. I feel like I learn nothing from reading a book for 3 hours. I prefer being involved with other students. There is a flaw in the grading system. It is not as consistent as it should be. Of course teachers with higher classes have to demand more from their students, therefore demanding more of themselves when it comes to grading. My English teacher at the moment has confessed to the class that she is "greatly behind", but, she does indeed get everything done at a good time. Every teacher who is teaching an advanced course seems to be always a bit behind the preferred grading schedule, but isn't that a given? Like I mentioned earlier with my math teacher, if a teacher is absent; there's a valid reason. Some will even go to school at the first stages of flu, or the cold and either leave or not show the next day. They all have special bonds with each class room/each period. Having an interested in the students is one thing the administrators proud themselves in. They will keep up with one until there are no questions and everything is solved. Teachers and staff at Madras High School are very dedicated and hard workers.
English is a very good teacher.
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