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Madisonville North Hopkins High School Reviews

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Madisonville North Hopkins Is an excellent high school, the teachers and administrators are always willing to help when you need them, during the pandemic they always encouraged us to keep up our work and they sent videos and text messages to us to help keep our spirit up.
I felt at home with this school in a span of 2 years that I have attended here. I am very thankful for the respect that this school has given me. I would recommend students attend this school, probably one of the best schools to graduate from.
I liked the amount of school spirit we had but some of the teachers were not the nicest and did not teach the best. Now it was not all of them. Some of my teachers taught me things I will carry with me in the real world forever and I could not be more thankful for that. I feel like the students could have came together more but overall I had a good experience at Madisonville North Hopkins High School.
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I transferred here my 10th grade here from the Central , and each school is very different. I like this school because the teachers are amazing and the sports teams are very good and i enjoy going to games.I wish we could fix leaks and have better bathrooms.
The school and programs are great. There are a wide range of opportunities and clubs for everything from Beta Club to Marching Band to JROTC. The teachers seem to be genuinely concerned for the wellbeing of their students both within the classroom and outside of it.
Madisonville North Hopkins High school, is one of the best highs schools out there. They are take care of many situations, and they teach you something new every single day. They also go and volunteer for many other things. They also help students that are in need. They are also sensitive to students home life as well, they teach you many different things. Their teaching style allows different types of learners to grow and adapt. When ever there is a problem, the teachers are always on top of fixing it. This school allows many social differences, and they are also able to help many people as well.
What I like about Madisonville North Hopkins High School is that there is very little bullying. However, I think there are too many cliques.
I really enjoyed my time at Madisonville North Hopkins High School. I felt cared for, loved and safe at this school.
It’s a good school. I just feel that the student body should help decide what we do in our pep rallies. Also, the seniors should be able to decide where we go on our senior trip because we go to the same place every year.
MNHHS is a school that treats their students like family. They try their best to do everything that can be done to help their students. At MNHHS they give students many opportunities to learn about what can be done with their future.
I have a great experience with Madisonville North Hopkins High School. Their spirits are up whether it be for the band, sports teams, or the school in general. Teachers are very nice and willing to work with a lot of students, but they also know when to put their foot down. I would like to see a lot of school spirit as far as celebrating one thing per month and having spirit weeks based on those months. I would also like to see the team come together and do something for every class (Freshman-Senior) from welcoming new students to saying goodbye to their experienced students going off to college.
North Hopkins High School has (for the most part) a very dedicated teaching staff that cares about our learning experience. The teachers that I’ve had, have helped me become a prepared, soon to be, college student. Because of them I feel I am ready to face the world.
North is great local high school for an average size town, I am greatly involved in the music programs. The biggest problem that I would like to see change is for other programs to be appreciated, being in band we get zero recognition for doing well and working hard. All of Hopkins county only cares about football, and basketball, nothing else. I want other students to feel accepted.
I am having an amazing time here at MNHHS! There are tons of clubs and organizations to be a part of that get you involved in student life. Games and extra-curricular activities are free to those with good attendance and still cheap to get in to if you have horrible attendance!
I like how the teachers care about the students. If you have trouble they will willingly take time out of there day to stay after school or come early to help. I love the cooking classes given because it teaches you many good safety rules that you need to know and it allows you to have free labs where you can cook what you want. I don’t really like how strict they are with the phone rule. I understand the phones need to be put up and I don’t mind putting mine the the pockets in the classroom, but now if they see your phone but your not on it they still take it.
My school has an amazing band program, along with amazing sports and clubs. Our teachers enjoy teaching us, and our school feels very safe.
This school needs HELP.
The students including a graduate like myself dread the fact that this school has much needed improvement.
Courses should be evaluated for education accuracy.
Dress codes should NOT be the BIGGEST deal, so what if she is wearing leggings! At Least the young lady came to learn!
Priorities need to be checked at this establishment.
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Madisonville North Hopkins High School is a great school. All the faculty people are very nice. All the teachers, guidance counselors, and the principals are very involved in helping the student be successful and making sure they make good grades. All the students here are very supportive of everybody and we always have a great student section at all of our games. Also we are always having other schools always complementing our students. All together Madisonville North Hopkins High School is such a great school, it feels like a second home because we are all one big happy family. Go Maroons!
Madisonville North Hopkins is the best school in Hopkins county. The teachers and administrators are very friendly and helpful!
I loved my teachers very much they were all wonderful and helped me with everything in my life. The atmosphere was good for the most part and the schedule was good.
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