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I have lived in Madisonville my entire life and have been going to school here since I could walk. I absolutely love our small town and our wonderful school district. I participate in many different things at Madisonville High School like Cheerleading, FFA, and FCCLA. I love doing community service in our town and helping people out. I plan on attending Sam Houston State University in the Fall of 2020 and I absolutely cannot wait to go to my dream school & eventually graduate and pursue my dream job.
Madisonville High School is a decent high school to attend, coming from an alum. It is very small school where everyone knows everyone. An advantage of this school is the sports and academics, Madisonville High School is very high on sports and academics. One great disadvantage is the administration, they often lack effort in their jobs.
I like that all my classes are very small so you can have a personal connection with your teachers. I also like that we have dual credit classes which allow us to receive college credit, however I wish the school offered SAT Prep classes. I know the school has in the past, but they don’t now.
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The biggest thing I like about MCISD is the teachers , ever teacher that I have had is caring and actually cares about education.
Madisonville High School is in a really good school district. Even though we are a four A school in a small town between Houston and Dallas on I-45. We have a pretty decent athletic program. Also classes are average sizes between 18-25 students. Teachers are really good about helping out with tutoring if needed. We have three lunch periods which helps divide up the student to create a less crowded lunchroom. We also have high end athletic and other facilities. We also have turf fields for football, soccer, baseball, and softball.
I love going to school here. The staff is very friendly and hardworking. It is a great and supportive community.
The nurse can only help with simple things and she requires students to bring their own medicine if it is for headaches and other problems. She can however assist in calming students and leading them to the best help. Our police are vigilant but are not seen around often. Security may seem docile for the most part but that is due to the fact of how low illegal and dangerous situations appear. When the need arises or emergencies happen our safety is their first priority. We have most soors locked throughout the day to prevent access to just anyone. Teachers also watch out for students and bullying is mostly resolved after arguments or discipline. Fights rarely happen in this school.
Band may be our most notable organization as we have strongly competitive and committed students that perform incredibly. FCCLA and FFA have also gone to state many times and usually place very well in the majority of the events. Our football team lacks drive but the coaches are wise and experienced. The teachers and advisors attend most events and support students in what they do. The majority of students aim for band or football.
Due to the school not being so enormous in size the teachers can actually get to know students and teach each one of them equally and mostly effectively. Any problems the students have is usually caused by their lack of effort or respect. The teachers grade properly and their methods are usually easy to retain.
We lack diversity in many ways. Such as ethnicity, religion, and sex preference.

Which untimely make this school a little less pleasing
The administration and activities at this school are what I love the most! the time and effort that they incorporate into are lives will forever impact us. Whether that impact affects you positively or negatively is your own choice as we as opinion.
Teacher engage themselves to their full extent, they are overall highly qualified teachers. They go above and beyond to help teacher you academically, and also life skills that you will use in your everyday life. Such as, communication.
There are numerous amounts of extracurricular activities at my school but, many people say they have better things to do than anything with the school. This causes all of the extracurricular activities to go down hill and eventually quit being offered to students.
I do not believe i would choose to do it all again because, the people that I attended school with are mean, ignorant, heart-less people.
A lot of teachers at my school are very helpful and encouraging. Many try their hardest in helping us achieve our goals, and for them, I am very thankful. Although we have many that go above and beyond, their are also teachers here at my school that could care less about you passing or achieving your goals. Quite a few teachers, have their favorites that they will help and fix grades for but, if you are not one of those students, you're not getting very far in their class.
All visitors are required to to sign in at the front and receive a visitor name tag. The students are not required to show a valid school ID unless they want to get in free at a sports event; then only students in band, cheerleading, or athletics.
Through out the school year, there is an abundent amount of students staying after school for extracurricular activities. Whether is be for band, choir, theater, or sports; around 80% of the students are involved. Other than staying after school,the extracurricular aactivities compete. Our band has won numerous awards, compared to our varsity choir who is just starting to be recognized and winning awards.
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Being in Madisonville for most of my life has made an impact on who I am. In Madisonville, everyone knows everyone, and what ever you do people will know. Being this way, I have been able to avoid making bad choices that could have ruined my life.
Most of our teachers are kind hearted and are confident in what they are teaching. There are the few who do not get engaged with the classroom, and I personally can not learn in such a situation. However, our teachers do care about the students. Just some more than others, and some activities more than others.
This school isn't the worst in the world bot it's far from the best.
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