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Madison Southern High School Reviews

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The teachers and staff are amazing! Madison Southern High School makes you feel like one big family. By far the best school around town!
Attending Madison Southern High School was one of the best decisions of my life. It was an experience of a lifetime and even though I don't get to graduate like I wanted, I wouldn't change a thing.
I love how caring the teachers and staff are! They are always going out of their way to check in on us and they go above and beyond to make sure we have everything we need to succeed. As far as the school building itself, its constantly being cleaned, bathrooms are cleaned every class period, yard is always mowed, etc. The food there isn't all so bad either, they have the best tasting food iv'e ever had at a school. We have drills about every month to keep the school safe, we go through all the drills as if they were real. Our resource team is fantastic, they are always caring for every student in the school, from needing shoes, clothes, and food to just wanting a little snack during the day our resource center is there.
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Madison Southern has been a great experience for my daughter, she has had great teachers and her Guidance Counselor has been amazing! The career paths that they have are diverse so that all students can find one to be involved in. She has excelled in her classes academically as well as in Volleyball and the fact that MSHS makes sure they are do well in the classroom as students before they do well in sports as a student athlete.
It's a bit of an older school but is in very good shape. Majority of the teachers are fantastic and the classrooms are kept in good shape. I enjoy my classes here.
Its a very clean, nice school. I really want to see a acting career pathway. We need morr career pathways foe all types of people such as art, acting, as well as car repair and other kinds of repairing pathways.
I’m a senior at Madison southern a leader of the pep club play football and have strait A’s the teachers are really great the sports are getting better and better each year the football team almost always wins the district championship and 3years ago they played for a state championship
I love my school. I believe it is the best option for where I am located. We are very highly ranked academically in our state, But when you actually go there it is so much more. I have never had a teacher that didn't make me feel welcomed. I believe a child's experience in school will shape who they become as a person and how they act. The only downfall at southern is the quality of some things due to not having enough money. there is a leak in the upstairs ceiling that has been there my whole time i've been at Southern. most of the texts books are decades old and you can tell. but really i think overall Madison Southern High School is the place to be.
I love how southern is such a diverse school. You meet transfer students, students of different race, religion, backgrounds and it is all welcomed.
Madison Southern Has helped me become the mature adult that I am today. It has prepared me for real life experiences and helped me try to beat the goals I set for myself and they have. I say that Madison Southern is fun and less stressful but, still gets the job done.
Madison Southern is a wonderful school to learn and make lasting friendships. The teachers and staff go above and beyond to help each student be successful.
My experience so far at Madison Southern has been amazing, I've been here for 3 years and currently on my fourth year. Southern has been treating me well for my high school years, all the teachers are involved with the students and they all want you to succeed in life and to become a better person. If I would have to change one thing at Southern, it would be the number of kids in the school cause its a little overpopulated.
I had a pretty good overall career at Madison Southern. All the staff are very nice and really hope to see you do well. I didn't like that I missed some events because the only place it was announced was twitter.
It was a well rounded school to attend overall. But the facilities were limited and small compared to student body size.
Madison Southern is generally a great school, most of the students get along very well and I would say bullying is a minimum.
The experience that I have been able to experience at Madison Southern High School is by far amazing. This is a school that really makes you feel like you truly matter, and everyone is always helping each other out in. I couldn't ask for a better school to attend, and it has left a lasting memory on me with how it is. They are always striving to be better than the day that happened before. The experience will stay with me for the rest of my life, and I will look back on it throughout my lifetime.
The staff members are very friendly. However, I would like to see an actual counselor/therapist employed for students to go see if they are having issues. We do have school counselors, but they seem to be more for scheduling rather than mental illnesses. The food is okay. Any students can create a club as long as they have a teacher to sponsor them. I wish we had more funding for the arts-- we live in a city "where art's alive" but the theatre and band programs don't receive funding. These programs help students experience growth and learn important skills, but don't have any funding. All money is raised by the students.
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Madison Southern has great teachers who actually make it their goal to teach you something. The only thing I would want to change is that school activities can be based on popularity.
I love the small town atmosphere, where everyone knows everyone. The teachers are amazing and want to make one on one connections with their students. The only change I would make is to have more diversity in the school and maybe improve school lunches.
Great teachers and coaches! You know everyone and have plenty of opportunities to be involved in clubs and other extra-curricular activities. The school is large but not overcrowded. The guidance counselors are excellent and really care of helping each individual to plan a path of study best for each student.
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