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I absolutely loved my experience at Madison High School and the things I was able to participate in. What makes my school stand out, is our activities. I loved how a tennis player like myself, can also be involved with varsity debate and ceramics! Our school is so integrated with these programs at place, and you get the opportunity to meet incredible people through it.
A good school with good extra curricular activities. Student can be a little clique-ish. But overall is a good place to go to school.
Everything about my experience at madison has been good, everyone is freindly and teachers are all very knowledgable.
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Madison truly is an amazing school. The opportunity and quality of education are outstanding. It is in a wonderful community and filled with wonderful students.
I believe that our teachers work hard to help us achieve our goals. I think that the politics get worked up too much with a few different things, but I feel like the teachers help those who want help.
I love how helpful all the teachers are. They really want to see you succeed. The music programs are amazing! We get so many opportunities to travel and go to different clinics. They are also like a family. We take care of everybody.
The school itself is also amazing. It has so many resources and things to do. We just got a new stadium and it is the biggest one is south eastern Idaho. It's very clean and well kept. Overall everything here is the best.
I liked Madison a lot. most of the teachers are great and I enjoyed my classes. They have a lot of options for classes and you usually can get into the classes that interest you. The school had it's downsides, but it was mostly a good experience.
Its an overall amazing school and one of the best in the area. The dance team doesn't get as much support as they should but are rebuilding their reputation as it hasn't been well known about for a few years.
This school provides a good education and opportunities for growth. Students are encouraged to prepare for college and career after graduation. Teachers are caring and helpful.
I liked Madison because I was able to connect with all of my teachers. I was also able to participate in many extracurriculars.
Madison High School AP classes were great at preparing me for college, and the facilities are so beautiful. I would love to see a more developed and paced English and Economics class.
I like Madison High School yet there are some evident problem like there's not enough seats and not enough periods for students to find what they want to do when they grow up. Most of Madison's teachers are very nice and experienced. Madison's students are hard-working and have a lot of school spirit at the high school events. Classes are hard yet they are made to make you learn.
The school is a good one, where nearly all the faculty truly care about the students' success. If you need help with anything, from a refuge from peers to personalized help with college planning, there is always someone to help. The building itself is fairly new, and has recently had enormous additions. The main thing I'd have to complain about is the non-diverse culture. Most are religious, and there is discrimination via constant cold-shouldering.
Madison Senior High School is a great school located in Idaho. The academics are proficient. We are known for being very good in sports and make it as far as state quite often. There's very little bullying here and the faculty do everything they can to make our school experience enjoyable. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the most common religion for students who attend this school. Our school district is a 5A county so there are a lot of students. The actual school itself is a very well put together school. There's been a lot of effort on many peoples part to make it a well-known place.
I love Madison Senior High School. It is super friendly and exciting. We have our own Bobcat news, and I love our school spirit. As students, we gather together at games and support our fellow students. Recently, we had an assembly named Bobcat Courage. There, some of the MHS Student Body and other fellow students shaved their heads to support a fellow student who is currently dealing with cancer. If I could see a change, I would like to see more of the bobcat courage throughout the hallways and for small things. Things such as saying hello to new students, treating everyone equally (no extra encouragement for popular students or less encouragement for unpopular students), and keeping a positive vibe throughout the school.
In my time at Madison High School, I have seen many improvements take place. We now have better assemblies, better clubs and activities, and there has also been an improvement in our academics. In the future, I hope to see an improvement in school lunches, and maybe even add some classes, such as American Sign Language.
I loved all my teachers. Some I can say cared more about grades rather than the kids, but overall majority of my teachers actually cared more about me instead of my grades. I've always been a good student and got A's, but knowing they cared made a huge difference in my life.
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Madison is a good school! The only thing that I would change would to have more classes to find out what you want to do after high school.
I loved the teachers and all the opportunities for different electives and programs. The student body has so much pride and it was fun to be a part of.
Madison has a good mix of programs. There is a wonderful fine arts program, and there are a lot of opportunities for sports. The community is good, and the teachers are also pretty good. There are some problems with the opportunities offered like AP classes, and the way they set up schedules is not very great.
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