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I loved a lot of things about my school. I loved how I actually learned things. My teachers made sure we knew the information. They didn't just come for a check, they came to make sure we learned. I loved being involved with the National Honor Society. I loved being a part of the cheerleading and volleyball team. I loved the fact that our counselor was always on us about things we needed to know and do. Overall, my high school experience was awesome.
My experience at Madison Senior High School has been.... A journey. I like the fact that the teachers are actually willing to help whenever you need it. I do not like the food at all, they literally serve us jail food. 😌
The academics at this school is the best. The teachers and the students work together to achieve the goals for the students' benefit. The scheduling process is great, I couldn't have it any other way. The workload is manageable; but its the students responsibility to complete their work because it don't be a lot. You can study before and after school and at home for any class that you need to study for. We have classes at Madison Senior High School that other schools in the area don't have.
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Madison Senior High School has a variety of extracurricular opportunities. The support we receive from administration is awesome and safe. My school offers all the extracurricular opportunities to girls and boys.
I wouldn't go to any other school but Madison Senior High School. MSHS has a major impact on my life in many ways. The entire staff and some of the students motivate me to achieve in life, have confidence in myself, and never give up; even if I was told no a million times. Madison Senior High School prepares and encourage all of their students for college and to be the best in life.
The teachers at Madison Senior High School are awesome. They work hard so that students can receive the information they need to be successful. They teach you in similar ways like college instructors would but make sure they go back and explain if needed. They are always open before and after school to talk about any questions you have. The teachers offer credit recovery to students who need to credits to graduate on time. The teachers at MSHS are very interested in what their students are doing before and after school; to help them be successful and the best of the best.
The sports and fitness is great.
The teachers can be very helpful. They even take the time to help us students with problems of our own.
The academics are great. They don't overwhelm you with work. And they actually teach us things. I truly do believe that the staff at my school genuinely cares about our education.
they make us feel as safe as we need to. we don't really need to worry about anything its a small town. they don't go out of their way either though.
I believe I have some of the best teachers ever. they are honestly the most caring people you could ever meet.
i don't play sports, so i don't really know. i'm going off of what i hear.
The food is kind of okay. I mainly say that because I've been eating school lunch in this district for about eight years. We don't have any type of variety. You eat what they give you. Vegetarian...HAHAHA! what? I'll admit, they're trying to get a bit healthy. We even get wheat bread on out fish sandwiches now!
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