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We have incredible teachers who are devoted to the growth and overall experience of the our children. They obviously care about the development and meeting the needs of individual students but are also devoted to positive and engaging academic experiences.
Considering the age of our school building and the limitations that come with that; we are very fortunate. Technology has been harder to grow but we have had a dedicated PTA that has helped to bring some incredible and costly technology to the classrooms. While our school's building is old, it is incredibly well kept and cared for and is a truly beautiful piece of architectural history for out town.
I think that for an elementary school there are an overwhelming number of opportunities for children and families to take part in activities outside of the regular school day. I think the PTA is incredibly dedicated to bringing new experiences to the school and organizing fun and often educational events in which families can participate and share in experiences with their children, other families, and school staff/faculty.
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I think it's hard for me to make a fair and informed assessment of academics at this grade level. I have not been disappointed with my child's experience and I think that he's very academically strong. I think the teachers he's had have been the right complement to his academic strengths and have challenged him accordingly and to the best of their abilities.
Mr. Sohn is an incredible principal and an asset to the Quincy Public School System. He is obviously invested in the children, the families, and his staff. I think these qualities and his experience are inspiring to those working alongside and will be the driving force in the continued success of the school as a whole. Miss Anna (Mrs. Hinkamper), the school secretary, is also an AMAZING asset to the school. She is the first face/voice that most parents will know. She is kind, patient, caring, and devoted the children. She is the perfect complement to Mr. Sohn. Other staff members, like Mr. Crowe, the paras, all work hard to help students in need (whether behaviorally, financially, personally, etc). The entire staff and school rallies for children on a regular basis regardless of their experiences, backgrounds, or needs.
We have a pretty good variety of backgrounds in our school as compared to schools in the area. I don't see that bullying or adversity to diversity is a problem at all. I think overwhelmingly the children, families, and school staff/faculty are very accepting of everyone.
I have no complaints about the physical education opportunities at our school. Most of these questions do not apply to an elementary school facility.
There is nothing I would change about my experience as a parent or my child's experience as a student. We've been fortunate beyond measure to be part of the Madison Family. What makes Madison so unique and wonderful is the faculty, staff, parents, and children. We have the great blessing of being part of a school that is made up of such amazing individuals.
We are fortunate to have a very safe and welcoming academic environment. School faculty and staff work hard to encourage children to be kind to others and behave in ways that promote safety and comfort. We have an amazing staff of teachers and faculty who care for and know the children. I do not worry for the safety of my child or the threat of serious bullying. I think Madison is an exceptional school of people that make up something more akin to a family.
The teachers are great! They communicate with parents, differentiate learning for students and work hard to make school a great experience.
The teachers are great and they have been trained to make sure that each kids is learning at their level. The teachers go out of their way to make their classrooms engaging.
There is only gym class because it's an elementary school. The gym teacher and classes are great. They are teaching kids skills that they can use their entire life to stay fit.
Mr. Sohn is awesome. He is calm and listens to parent and student needs. Discipline seems consistent and encouraged.
Madison is an old building so the classrooms are a bit small and it could use an elevator. We have been behind on technology, but the district is working to improve the amount of exposure to technology for our kids. I think that it will improve significantly over the next couple of years. Parental involvement at Madison is great.
Students are encouraged to care for one another. I have never seen kids bullied or pressured in any way. While the school isn't that diverse racially, the school is very diverse in students' backgrounds. There are kids from every walk of life and when you walk in a classroom, you see them all engaging in a positive way.
We love Madison school. My son has had great teachers who get to know him and what he needs! The parents get involved and work hard to add in special experiences for the kids. I like the fact that my son goes to school with kids from different backgrounds and is learning how to get along with kids from all walks of life. The school goes above and beyond to create a respectful environment!
I never worry about my son's safety at Madison. The security guard is great and they have a good system to monitor who enters and leaves the building.
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