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MRA is a college prep school with a Christian emphasis that prepared my daughter thoroughly for college! From kindergarten to high school graduation the academics, leadership opportunities, community service programs, and true family atmosphere nurtured her to be very well equipped for her future. The faculty and staff are amazing and still remain interested in her well being even after she graduated.
Just a down right great environment. Each teacher is highly student focused, with state of the art use of technology and learning strategies. As a parent you can feel the faculty's inclusion and family oriented culture. The school works to develop each kid on a personal level. Really cool. Highly recommend.
I have two children who graduated from MRA and were so prepared for college... and also for life. MRA faculty and coaches poured into my children and gave them a strong foundation of academics, communication skills, and technology, while also supporting them spiritually, creatively, and emotionally. My children made wonderful memories while being part of a great, encouraging school family. MRA was well worth the investment.
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The small school feel! There are only 20 kids in each of my classes! I get a great education! I wish my school put more into soccer!
I liked that the fact that alls they did from start of junior year is prep for college. Along with the academics they had this class that alls they did was help us find our major and what college we wanted to go to as a junior i decided where i wanted to go cause of that class and now as a senior did not have to stress on that decision
The teachers at MRA are incredible. I have never met so many teachers who love what they do and take time to personally invest in their students. The teachers here have a heart after God and it shows in everything they do. The students here achieve excellence on and off the court. The councilors and other staff make it their goal to get to know each individual student in order to give them the best out of their education.
MRA is honestly the best school in the Madison Ridgeland area. It’s a great environment for kids of all ages and backgrounds, and you can easily see the faculty actually cares about their students. There is a wide range of athletic teams for students to participate in, and the fine arts program is top-of-the-line. The student body is very friendly and accepting- when I first came to the school in the 7th grade, I felt like I knew everyone really well by the end of the first week. The academics are engaging and challenging, and MRA offers a variety of Advanced Placement classes to truly prepare the students for college. MRA is a fantastic experience and I truly don’t think I would be enjoying high school this much anywhere else. 10/10
MRA is a great school. I came here in the eighth grade and can honestly say it is one of the best things I have ever done. When I was in middle school at Madison Middle, I was often bullied and overlooked by those around me. No one seemed to care that I was suffering. When I came to MRA, all of the staff and students accepted me and made me feel welcome. I will forever be thankful to have gotten the opportunity to attend Madison Ridgeland Academy.
MRA is a wonderful school overall. If they could work on college readiness and the food it would be even better.
Madison Ridgeland Academy is a great school to attend. The overall atmosphere is very positive and the emphasis on faith is really something to be excited about. The class are challenging and engaging while the number of students is also low enough so that teachers can give special attention to each student. MRA will help any student and makes sure nobody gets left behind physically, mentally, or emotionally. I would like to see a bigger campus with more class options.
The academics at MRA are exceptional. The AP classes were wonderful. I had a strong love and appreciation for some of my teachers, while others I did not care for. One thing I would change, and want to warn potential parents about is the teachers' tendency to pick favorites. If your child is a little bit artsy or nerdy do not send them here. If they are not Baptist or totally devoted to Jesus do not send them here. They are rude to gays and those who are different.
I came in to MRA as a freshman from a public school. The change was drastically different and I was not used to the small environment. The teachers helped make the transition very easy. The only thing I would like to see change in MRA is the school activities, I wish we had more opportunities for student involvement.
I used to love MRA, but the new administration has been gradually sinking the ship. Elementary has gone downhill since Principal Vance left and the upward trajectory Mr. Thompson started has fizzled out. I hope it turns around. I would love to be able to have confidence in leaving my children there.
Madison-Ridgeland Academy has given me countless opportunities to grow as a student and as a person. As a multi-sport athlete, MRA allows me to balance out my athletics as well as academics. I have been at MRA since kindergarten and I wouldn't have it any other way. I love the school and everyone in it.
Offers an amazing college predatory education while maintaining a focus on Christianity and biblical beliefs. The environment is warm and friendly and accepting. Students are well behaved and very respectful.
MRA is an excellent high school. I have attended elementary and junior high here as well. The teachers are amazing.
I loved the whole environment of this school. The small setting allows each and every student to get involved in multiple activities, and the staff really cares about you inside and out of the classroom.
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Great tight nit school! Great school for all ages! Continually growing and wonderful atmosphere for grades K3-12
The teachers and administrators were very friendly and would always be there to help you out if you were having a bad day. The teachers were always to help students who needed extra help in the class. The teachers and administrators were intentional and invested in each student's life.
My experience at a MRA was definitely unique. The teachers are absolutely wonderful, they not only care about your education, but they also teach the skills you need in life to be successful. The relationships I have made with my teachers and fellow peers are ones I know will last a lifetime. I never thought I would look forward to coming to school, but when you are greeted with smiles from the administration and an occasional biscuit from chick-fil-a, coming to school is not as bad as some kids make it out to be.
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