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I was asked so many times why I wanted to go to Madison Preparatory Academy when a bigger school in my city is so much better. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure the bigger schools in my area are great but I absolutely love going to Madison Preparatory Academy. I know that I miss out on big sporting events and having people actually know where it is. I can't even count how many times I've been asked where it is and I know they won't know so I just say "somewhere in the middle of Baton Rouge." But, I get to know most people at my school and I know all my teachers very well. Not to mention, being able to walk to the other side of campus in 5 minutes at a casual walking pace. I am so happy I made the decision to go to school where I did. I love my school and these are just a few reasons why.
Very good school. The staff and teachers are working their best. From registration to day to day learning, the focus is on the education of each child, wholeheartedly. I like the family-oriented connection at this school.
I like how everyone gets a chance to bond with others. Learn new things, have a small environment and best of all the school culture.
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Coming from another, less than superlative, school two years prior, I never expected to graduate from a school as exceptional as the one I attend now. Madison Preparatory Academy is a small charter school that welcomed me into their family my junior year. Ever since then I have been subjected to learn under intelligent and attentive teachers, who work under phenomenal administration. Our principal and the administrators work hard to make Madison Prep function like a well oiled-machine. With their work the parents are always involved, the school always has fun clubs and activities to join, and the students prosper in all areas of academics. Of all the positives that the school contains, the one thing I'd ask them to change is their opposition to a more relaxed dress code. Other than that this school has been more than ideal in helping me to eventually graduate out of high school as a fully functioning member of society.
Madison Preparatory Academy is a small village with so much love. The whole school is family-oriented and our main objective is to make sure we, along with our peers, be successful at the end. We make sure we excel in everything, from our academic performance to our athletic programs.
I like my school because it has some really cool teachers who make the lessons interesting and really make you want to work hard.I like school because I get to do things that can't do at home and I love seeing my friends.We are like one big family we may fuss with each other but it is all love.
Madison Prep is a awesome school. They have the best teaches. And I would recommend this school as being one of the best!
Madison Preparatory Academy makes you feel at home and your are never left out. They give everyone a chance to be included in any academic or entertainment oriented programs.
What I love most about my school is the family environment. Because it’s so small, and family oriented, I feel that I can go to any of the staff members about anything. Besides the family feel I get from my school, is the hands on learning I get in the classroom. We’re small but we’re a big deal.
My experience was pretty good. It is a small school so it's easy to get to know people. People are like a family there. The sports program was excellent. The teachers would give help if needed and the principal would know a lot the parents. One thing I would change at the school is the space. There are classes being held in trailers and hopefully with the new building being built, there will be additional classrooms and for the teacher in the classroom to control the temperature of the classroom itself.
Madison Prep is a well family-oriented school. It's a small school so everyone knows each other. I'm getting a very good education here.
I loved the small environment at Madison Preparatory Academy. The teachers get to teach you one on one because there aren’t too many kids in one class. Also because of the small environment we’re all like one big family. One thing I would like to see change is the size of the campus, as our school is rapidly growing we need more space and buildings to accommodate the students.
While I attend Madison Preparatory Academy, I had an overall good experience. I chose to attend this school because it was a family-like environment. The teachers, they were like our parents, and they guided us in the right direction. At Madison Prep, everyone wanted us to succeed and become muture young adults. I recently graduated in 2017, and I felt as if I left my high school a muture student that was ready for college.
MPA is great school. I love it and no other school could top it. During my time there I was an outstanding student and the teachers helped me get what I needed to succeed. I came to Madison with a 3.0 GPA and will be finishing with a 4.0 GPA.
My name is tylah williams and i have been with MPA since 9th . Madison opens up opportunities that no other school will do. they also believe in no child left before and that’s what i love about it
Madison Prep is a good school for me. The environment, the teachers, and principal is outstanding. I’m learning and starting to come out more.
Beginning my high school career at a school I didn't want to attend, I had a negative mindset. That soon changed after the overall culture rubbed off on me. The teachers insist on giving students the one-on-one help they need for success. The school is fairly new and small, which gives it its' family-like atmosphere. Everyone knowing each other personally really can be beneficial. Teachers establish relationships with parents that establish a relationship with the principal. Believe it or not, the principal knows every student by name and acts as a mother figure to everyone. A school where you feel at home is always a better choice to me than a school where you're just a number. After returning from college on occasion, I see my school grow with their academics, athletics, and size. Anything I would want to change about my school would have already been recognized and improved before I could even find anything to fix.
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I've been a student a Madison Prepatory Academy going on 3 years now and it's been fantastic. Our school is well known for our sports teams and academic achievements. It is relatively small but makes up for it in big ways.
My experience at Madison Preparatory Academy was pretty good. I made new friends. As a freshman (9th grade) , you realize that your actually in high school. And there is now time or room for error.
I loved the teachers, the learning environment, all the activitys and trips we went on the culture and sprit of the school was amazing
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