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Madison-Plains High School Reviews

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It was nice because everybody was friends with everybody but the teachers don’t put the students first and we should’ve been taught more about the college process.
I really like how the staff tries to help as much as they can. They give the juniors and seniors a lot of resources to use for scholarships and colleges. The music program is phenomenal and is the best thing about this school.
I really enjoyed how all the teachers took the time to get to know you and did their best to help you in life and in the classroom.
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Overall there are good teachers and staff there but the environment wasn't all that welcoming as it is pushed to be. Though it is in Ohio and in the middle of a cornfield, more acceptance and understanding of particular topics should be considered, such as LGBTQ+ rights. To be more welcoming of others who are different and to sort the bullying issues out. There is so much going on and for anyone to truly know, you have to attend.
Sports are more important than academics. You only matter if your parents give money to the school (Petee’s). Almost all scholarships were awarded to those “higher ups” in the school.
Madison plains High School has amazing teachers and sports events. The marching band is amazing, they quality for states almost every year.
Madison-Plains is over all an awful high school to attend. The staff does not work well with the kids and do not have things under control. Everyone is on their own schedule instead of being a team. Coaches do not care for their athletes very well and do not push kids to be the best. Parents are uninvolved mostly unless it comes to complaining to coaches. The kids are not welcoming and stick to their own social groups. Being a new kid is very hard here. Girls are hateful and guys are just plain jerks. Overall One of my worst high school experiences ever.
Our school is overall an okay school. A lot of teachers at our school do not teach students with respect or help them forward their education. This really upsets me. I think our school should push students to be their best.
Extracurricular activities make this school great and are what outweigh the negatives.
It has had its ups and its downs, but I think that overall the good outweighed the bad. You just need to learn who are the good people to be close to and who to avoid.
The science and math departments have a few good teachers that are well known throughout the school. The English department has a few new hires but in the past two years have done very well. Overall it is a teacher-superb school with an administration that is lacking and is full of red tape and hypocracy.
We are safe. We live in the middle of corn field.
This school's focus is the football team.
We don't have a very diverse school at all so there isn't much difference that is seen in the hallways.
The teacher are pretty good to have around but there are some teachers that don't even teach. They don't like to help outside of class or help inside class. Some are very rude but many teachers here are outstanding!
The only extracurricular who gets any attention is football...
Most of the parents were only involved if it was a convenience to them.
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The teachers only do what is required of them.
Bullying isn't punishable at all here, security cameras are of no help with crime and incidents at school, no staff wear ID badges, not that great at enforcing anything
Lots of clubs but not very active in the activities that take place. Not a lot of hard driven clubs, not doing much change or anything fun.
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