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Madison Park High School Reviews

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It is a vocational school who has a lot of opportunity. Once you graduate you go with a career in hand.
MP is a pretty good school in good standing. Has many resources and opportunities for students. College readiness and career development are two of the major goals for the school, which is highly effective once they graduate.
I enjoyed my time at Madison Park Highschool. I got into the Nursing assistant program which sparked my interest in pursuing a career in the health field. During my freshman year, I rotated through all the programs to get an overview of what each one offers. eventually, I chose 3 programs and got accepted into my top choice which was the nursing assistant program. upon graduating high school, I was a Certified Nursing Assistant and I worked in nursing homes and rehabilitation centers as part of the co-op program. During my senior year, I worked at a nursing home during my vocational weeks. I think Madison Park is an amazing highschool that pepares students educationaly and vocationaly.
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Despite all the negativity I've heard people say about my school, I love that this school is a career and readiness school. I loved that I was able to put my foot in the door compared to other students in other high schools, they don't have that opportunity that early. I chose to do the Health Assisting vocation and the teachers are very supportive. They will push you until you can be the best. There is always something to do in that shop; from clinical, to volunteer, community services, and co-op. This school also has its academic courses and so many resources to take Dual Enrollment classes that I've participated in. I also participated in the school's music club, dance club...assisting in throwing a talent show, and other activities. I've benefited a lot from Madison Park Technical Vocational High school. There is nothing i would change at the moment. What an amazing community with many personalities.
I like how it gets you ready for the working world if you decide not to go to college. Madison park is a vocational school so we have many different programs to get into so you can figure out what you like more. The teachers are very helpful and supportive with the programs.
I like the many opportunities that the school provides for students especially with it being a vocation, students can instantly get externships and start working in their field as a high school senior.
Madison park high school is the best school eventually every school have they own problem. But I have no regret that I came to this school I learn so much and accomplish a lot.this school make me a better person and help those in need. I am a nursing assistant.
I wouldn’t change it for the world, at Madison is where I learned true life lessons that I don’t think I would be able to learn if I went to any other high school even if the food sucked the school did not I love this school and always will it was my second home.
overall I've had an good time at Madison park high school. Madison has helped me become the leader that i am. ive took on many responsibilities in our roxbury community. Madison helps pushes me to be better in academics and outside activities. my school also challenges the student to " reach for the stars"
I am not sure of any that i could think of
Teachers from vocational programs usually stay after school to help with projects or do a program with parents, after school programs such as The Zone is great and after school sports and clubs are great.
I may have bad days but at Madison park I can never forget the moment i walked into this school and immediately felt comfortable and welcomed. My experience has been nothing but the best , Im a student who loves to engage with teachers although I am shy and quiet but I always communicate and Madison Park Communication is key.
Teachers work hard everyday and are there for students whether they need help or not. they are always staying after school if needed to for students and always engage with everyone. They always care for their students and make sure that they are on the right path to success. Teachers only measure their success by their students success.
I will choose this school again do to the fact is a vocational school and it will be very beneficial for future students after high school.
If I could start all over again I would go to this school because it has a lot of good experiences that other schools in Boston doesn't have. The school I go to is Madison Park High School it's a vocational school.
Most of the teachers are great they know how to explain things to their students. Mostly it depends in what kind of teacher because some teachers doesn't explain clear for students to understand the work. However the teachers that I have they are great at explain the work for our class and we the students understand when they explain work for us
I loved the extracurricular opportunities. They helped me expand my horizons and challenged myself more.
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I loved this school so much. I had a real learning experience.
The teachers in this institution not only work to make money and pay they bills but they engage and love what they do. They motivate, help and encourage students to study and learn.
even though my school is lacking so many things, as a student body we always try to keep motivated and happy. despite everything thats going on we always want to have fun and put of sports and dances to create fun activist
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