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Since it is a small school, it is easy to make friends and get along with others. It is very diverse and makes it easy to fit in, especially if you are a student-athlete.. it gives a sense of belonging to something. However, there is no tennis court or pool for the tennis and swim teams and we have to travel for practices and games.
I went to MPA for 6th - 9th grade and it was an okay experience. Every year, teachers would leave and there wasn't really a lot of opportunities for students there. They've also been building the high school building for over a year now and have been stalling on the opening date. They lack in extracurricular activities that are common in other high schools. Administration is very unorganized. Students at MPA lack school spirit.
Madison Park Academy may not be considered the best school to some but it has many available opportunities and choices for a person's future. Whether the person would want to work or continue their study, they would help you how ever they can. They also include things like personal counselling and therapist for those who need it and have been trying to hear out the voices of students more to improve their school. Though something I recommend they change is to help students who are struggling in school. Although they do help you with this, they don't tend to every student. They don't seem to give students who are not doing so well with grades, mostly, a chance. As grades shouldn't be used to mark someone's intelligence or skills, giving only those who have a good g.p.a more opportunities. A good way for the school to start is by hearing out these students concerns to see if they actually care for their future or if they may need any help.
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I had a good time at my High School. My teachers were good, but I would like to see a better college preparation for the students.
Madison Park Academy is a very unique school. My experience at Madison was really special because its a very small High School and the majority of the students there have been together since elementary school which is really rare in other school districts. A way Madison can improve would be just by having more counselors and more interactive activities as a whole high school collective.
Great school, the teachers really care. I wish they had more afterschool classes that I was interested in OK. Me and Neighborhood is not good at all and the food is bad but the teachers and the staff there are great. It makes it worth while showing up to school every day because I know people care about me. They take the time to come in on weekends and once school is out on vacation to help me catch up on homework our capstone. They got me interested in things that I would normally not be interested in like protesting and watching sports games after school. Normally I would not be interested in things like that. Also this year I made three friends that I hang out with them every day. The kids want to show up at school every day because they like it here. I wish I would’ve found out about it sooner. I just found out about it last year and now I’m graduating this year. It would’ve been a great experience to be able to have spent all the way from kindergarten until now here.
Madison Park is new and small high school. Despite the Oakland Unified School District not having enough money, we have teachers that genuinely want to be there and a college and career center to get us started with our college apps and to help us work on school essays and scholarships.
Madison Park Academy is O.K in some ways. The administration is not very well organized. Teachers are not informed on changes and that leads to student and staff confusion. Other than that, the students stick together during the school year and make the best of what we have. We have been waiting for a high school building since our Seniors were in 6th grade and they are barely building it. It seems like they procrastinated it for too long.
My experince in Madison has even great, I love my school. The culture we have is just unique. Even that we are a small school, I feel is it much better because we are closed. Something that I will change is the cafteria food, put more healthly meals.
I have been going to Madison Park Business and Art Academy since the 6th grade and now I am in the 12th. Being at Madison has been fun and very interesting. At this school I feel like itś like a big family the teachers and staff always support students to do their best. I´ve always felt safe at school and loved. Like every other school it has it´s up and down. Yet, at the end of the day since the first day I started to attend Madison our principle Dr.Taylor always made sure her students were okay. Madison is a good school to go to and when its time to graduate they are guaranteed to help you get into the college you want to attend.
I liked student to teacher ratio because the class was more engaging. I was abke to asked the teacher for help and recieve full attention. I would change the ethnicity of the teachers to make it more diverse.
Madison Park Academy is a fairly new school with a great school culture. There aren't many other clubs beside sports and the administration communication with students is not very good. There are a handful of good teachers but most end up leaving because of administration. Overall though there still a few very good teachers.
I have had a rollercoaster experience at my high school. Most teachers that have taught here left and only a few are left since my freshman year. One thing that i loved was the sports and my 3 years of playing football.
The school academics are average. They promised a building, but never actually made it. High School is made up of portables.
I would like the food to change and other races to go their also. The teachers are good they really get to Know your children
I feel like we really need more activities and clubs at MPA. They give you a lot of resources, and other places you can join but I feel like we need more clubs and activities on campus.
I started attending Madison Park in the academic year 2010-2011 and graduated high school in the spring of 2017. During my time there, I met some of the best teachers I have ever had. The bond that was formed with in my graduating class and with the staff is one that I will never forget. Something that I did not like is that because we were the first graduating class, there was not a lot of opportunities and programs offered to us but other then that I really enjoyed my time in that school.
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Be prepared to advocate for your self a lot in the school and being able to take on a leadership role at time. Also since their first senior class was in 2017 there are still thing that the school don't have such a school spirit and ect. but teachers are good, and also is the education
My experience in Madison has been great. I have 1 year studying in Madison because is one of the best schools in the area. Something that I like about Madison Park Academy is their classes. They have AP class this is really good to prepare to young to college. I would change the food because is not really good and make new classroom.
There is no study option or any class of your choice.
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