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Great place for all the kids at madison to get together. Teachers work hard to get them ready for high school.
Teachers willing to help and go the extra mile, all stay after school everyday for extra help. Resources always up to date and advancing. Music and arts is top notch.
Full of idiotic kids with no diversity, and show a lack of respect. In a big rich white neighborhood, and kids don't take work seriously. The teachers are young and stupid, and they don't know how to educate kids properly. I hate this district so much. It does not know how to spend money on extra curricular activities, and is one of the few districts without a debate program. Screw this school.
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Great education system, but technology such as internet and air conditioning are way behind. Madison Junior received huge grant but did not spend their money on updating these. School during spring and summer was extremely and at times unmanageable. But their anti bullying and discrimination acts have really put in impact on the Madison community. Also, recent events at the involved drugs had also made me not want to go to the high school in Madison because similar instances have happened at the high now more and more often.
When it comes to safety policies, the school is very safe and cautious about what's going on both in and out of school.
There are a variety of clubs for students to participate in. Students can participate in more than one extracurricular activity because the schedules are not overbearing and the directors are understanding.
I liked how the school had events that faculty and parents could participate in. It was fun to watch my teachers play sport games with students and interact with younger kids. I thought that this made the school unique because it was all volunteer.
For the most part, all of my teachers were available before and after school for extra help. They always went out of their way to make sure that students were staying on top of their work. I also enjoyed activities that we did online using computers.
Not good for special needs students.
Only a few sports and only the best can participate.
There are several great teachers who make a difference but more than a few who really don't care.
Admin doesn't care when kids are bullied. All lip service.
Admin doesn't help the students w critical issues.
Very limited and not accepting of all.
No concerns in this area.
All about cliques. People pretend to be nice but are really mean behind your back or on social media.
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