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Madison Junior High School Reviews

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Positive atmosphere in general. VERY safe. High quality academics. Pretty decent grade inflation though.
A lot of teachers care about the students and everyone is really nice , only wish we had longer lockers to put our stuff in
Again, if you're not in sports or cheerleader, you aren't in with the 'Cool Crowd', meaning everyone belongs to the popular kids. You are nothing if they don't have their way. You get good grades? So what if you're not a football fan. You love Drama and writing? Get out of our sight, peasant. if you can't understand the true meaning of life, which is to be high on the scale, then go live in a gutter why don't you.
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For someone not into sports, the school's "If You're Not In Sports, You Suck" program is kind of a downer, but they try to help out a little with the Drama program and sometimes the musical programs. It's really iffy if you're not in sports.
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