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The staff and the academics helped me greatly for college readiness. I always felt motivated by the staff to do well for college and my future. I now want to pursue a career in the STEM field.
Administration gets involved a lot when it comes to applying to colleges and scholarships. They explain and help you get through each step. I wouldn't be pushing myself with scholarships as i am right now if it wasn't for the help, knowledge, and motivation from the administrators at my high school. I don't deal with any problems or drama at school. It's pretty peaceful and i don't have to worry about staying after school by myself at school. If i went to another school i would probably slack off a lot more and be surrounded by much more worse influences. This school makes me progress, it's shaped me up over the years and little by little i became more responsible and independent.
Im not even gonna lie this school is not your typical high school. Before coming to MHP i went to a school with almost 4000 people in it so switching to one with not even half of that was not easy. At first i didn't like it and all i wanted to do was switch schools.But unlike other high schools ALL of the administration knows your name and LOVES to talk and check in to see how you are doing. In regards to college preparation.... I appreciate that they track and make you apply to college to further your education. Overall good school.
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As a student who transferred schools from a different state, the community that Madison Highland Prep has is so welcoming. It was easy for me to assimilate and I was even able to start my own club my first year here.
MHP has helped me a lot these past 4 years in preparing for college. I've gotten a lot of support, was able to play soccer, football, and volleyball, track and have taken engineering classes which were awesome. I will miss the school when I graduate.
Great school, I can't imagine accomplishing so much academically if it weren't for the amazing teachers, faculty, and structure. My experience has been overall positive. This high school is best suited for kids who will try to be successful and ultimately go to college. The course rigor is not something that everyone can handle, but I recommend this school to the academically driven students who want to go to college.
It's safe and all resources are easy to access. Everyone gets involved and its easy to ask for help. Other schools give a higher risk of more drama and chaos. Every school has it but there is just less of it in smaller schools. Since its a smaller school there is less of a budget which makes it slightly more difficult for activities and other fun things to take place. Me personally, i have never seen a fight happen at school because the majority of students that i have seen are aware of the consequences and rules of Madison Highland Prep. The education is there by good teachers. MHP has managed to have the assignments for that day of class even when the teacher is absent.
The community at Madison Highland Prep is amazing. I am so pleased with the education surrounded around STEM and the extra curricular activities they provide. This school definitely has prepared me for college. Overall, this school is amazing, the teachers and staff are mostly great with a few exceptions but provide you with all the resources you need. As it's currently attached to a middle school, Madison Highland Prep has been revamping many parts of the school to fit the amount of students and classes being added. To conclude, this school does a good job everywhere it needs to and is doing its best to provide future students with the best education experience possible.
Madison Highland Prep has helped me be prepared for college and has provided me with support if I had any questions. The school has also helped find scholarships and made sure I had the best GPA possible to apply for colleges.
The staff and the administrators were very helpful and driving when it came to helping students get the most advance courses and highest GPA's in the school. The teachers are very passionate about what they teach in their classes. When the times get rough and you think you're about to fall of course, the teachers and the students are always there to help. The are many clubs and courses that will help you make up the major you want to enter in college--whether it's in fine arts or sciences.
Madison Highland Prep helps prepare you for college. The school took the time to make sure I had the best GPA possible to apply to colleges and universities. I feel like i'm prepared for the next chapter in my life.
I like the atmosphere at MHP, and all of those who attend. The classes are all great, are full of people trying to get ahead in life. You can visibly see just how hard everyone is working because this schoo can really get you ahead in life. One thing I would like to see changed are the procedure for the bathroom.
Madison Highland Prep is an amazing school to prepare you for college. Since freshman year, you have meetings with the administration. Every student gets into universities across the country and is prepared to succeed in life.
Madison prep helped me bump up my gpa and get the credits i need to be able to graduate and get me into my dream college:)
Honestly the faculty and administration is pretty awesome and I like that they feed us a good amount and that the faculty help us
When I moved to Arizona, I had narrowed my high school of choice down to MHP. Since the first day I got here, I've been challenged in and out of the classroom. The school's focus on STEM education has helped me prepare for a STEM-related career in the future.
The teachers and administration at Madison Highland Prep are some of the best and most involved instructors I've ever had. They have great personality and help me every step of the way in getting prepared for college. Overall the school has a great environment in preparing me for the next part of my life.
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I have attended MHP for 3.5 years, and am finishing my Senior year now. This school was presented as a premier opportunity to me in 8th grade, and I agree. I have been able to learn what I wanted about different subjects and pursue my goals in engineering, and they give a large amount of choice in your classes. The majority of the teachers here care deeply for your education and give you the opportunity for help, but there is an occasional bad teacher that turns up. Clubs are student run, and student started, so there can be a club for anything. Overall, it is an incredible choice for me and I feel academically prepared to take on college.
This place is pretty functional, I've had capable teachers and the 4 classes a day, 1 semester is 1 year of academy system is much more preferable to the typical 8 classes. I've enjoyed my time and I feel like I've been set up well
I enjoyed the academic challenge of madison highland prep. It is a great school, and students are strongly supported strongly by the administration no matter the challenges they face.
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