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My experience at Madison High School has been overall amazing. I love most of the staff there and the student body is very engaging about the school and it’s events. There has been many downs about the school but the good outweighs the bad.
Madison high is a public school .Alot of teacher dont work at Madison High School because they dont pay alot of money. The food at Madison High School is horrible sometimes. We have two police men at the school for safety. The kids at Madison High Schol is very smart .I think some kids dont act smart because they want to fit in. Almost all the kids at Madison High school did passed the Biology test.The biology test is end of the course test to graduate. We have the higher biology score in the state of Louisiana.
My experience at Madison High School is poor . We are not as prepared for college as other schools. If we had more teachers in the school maybe it will get better.
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My experience at Madison High School was okay. No, it isn’t the best but it does review the basic fundementals of education. However, the way students are taught can be changed. Start by connecting with the students better so they can engage into the lesson. If the falculty doesn’t feel like family, the child wont open his/her mind & show their true potential. Also, focus on what each child is interested in and find ways to teach the lesson so the child can thoroughly understand what’s happening. Some children are more hands on. Some would rather hear what’s being taught through music. Some will prefer to sit and take notes the old fashioned way. Lastly, if the school stops glorifying punishment over the success that still lies in the building, it would have a much more positive turn around. Every day someone is being punished over a petite problem while there’s a team of educated people that are cast in the shadows.
Madison High School is an awesome school. It is a very comfortable learning environment where you can feel that you are welcomed and loved.
I am a 17 year old senior attending Madison High School. My four years at this school has been a overall good experience despite the ups and downs of everyday life. The teachers and staff members love and care for students as if we were one of there own. While attending this high school , I have seen many things and learned plenty lessons. There is never a day that goes by that teacher aren't prepared to help us get through another day . Although some may think otherwise, it's all love in the system. Allowing students to have more clubs , more sport activities, and other privileges is something I would most definitely change. Why not help children explore their talents?
I really love my school. The band, the track team, the basketball team, football, and baseball team. We support one another and help each other out!!

I believe that the band, track team, football team and basketball team has been getting smaller and been falling apart over the years. I think this because ever since 2012 the band lowered in members, the track team lost supporters, the basketball team started doing their own thing and wanted to come to practice when they wanted to, and the football team keeps getting new coaches every year back to back sometimes not even having one for a whole year.
I believe that more students should be more active and team worth. Also, i think that more students should go by what they want to do not what your friend wants or thinks of you to do. I say this because the sports at my school girls don't wanna really play because they are too girls or spoil their height, if i were tall i would want to play basketball.
The academics at madison high as far as students scores was not so good before i left. Some students do have nice ACT scores. I feel like i didn't learn much as i was suppose to. Everything else is just like any other school. The only problem is school spirit is poor and it makes school boring.
I had an okay experience while attending. I will say that I enjoyed the basketball games and the band but now the spirit is gone. I am an alumni now and when i attend some of the activities there not like they were two years ago. Madison High has a new building and i hate the location its far off from the neighborhoods and it's down the street from a prison. I also disliked some of the methods of teaching and the teachers. All in all my classmates were a group that made sure school was fun anyways, so it was normal but not like a good high school is suppose to be.
Only had a couple of organizations after school instead of the sports.
The school had everything that the students needed for school
The Health Center was one of the best in the state.
Teachers at Madison High School were good teachers.
The food service department was generally okay.
The staff and students taught me a lot of different things.
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Students did get along until they didn't like another student, but occasionally the students were okay.
Good basketball, football and track team
Everyone graduated and went to colleges of there choice
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