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Madison High School is a great school that primarily moves it's focus to creating change within their environment on campus while looking for ways to engage with their students.
I loved the culture the school has. I also appreciated how students were able to go and voice their opinions, concerns, and give feedback openly and freely.
Madison high school is an overall well rounded school. They staff and faculty members prioritize the students. All students are fully supported by their teachers. There is a wide range of clubs and after-school activities. Students are aloud express their individuality in a positive manner on campus.
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Always had issues with having the same teacher for a year. 9th grade, didn’t have a real english teacher for the first semester. 9th grade, didn’t have a real geometry teacher the second semester
One time I was bullied relentlessly and the counselor told me it was normal. Kids vape and do drugs in the bathrooms, and i regularly feared retribution. I transferred and never looked back, but moving made me realize that Madison was the worst experience of my life and holds its students back through poor faculty teaching and horrible support.
Many of the teachers at Madison are very engaging with students, and work hard to ensure their success. The administration is friendly, and they work hard to provide opportunities to the students. However, the advanced courses are limited, as Madison is a fairly small school compared to others in the district.
Madison High School has shown me what school spirit is all about and has been my second family. The school’s teachers are very welcoming and everyone is friendly. They try to get everyone involved and enjoying their daily school life.
Madison High School is certainly a unique place but in a good way. Although the school lacks spirit, the students definitely show academic promise as they take on difficult courses. There school isn't well funded and thus can´t reach its maximum potential. Its a really good school considering the low resources.
It was an okay experience, could've been better. The athletic programs were good however some of the staff and teachers there weren't that great. One algebra teacher let more than half his class fail just because he believed test grades should be worth 90 percent of your grade.
As a student at Madison, I loved my teachers. Currently, I attend college in another state, but I still have teachers that I keep in contact with!! These men and women truly care about the students and seek to make an impact on our lives—and they are successful!
If it allowed 0 stars that's what this school would have. The teachers, counselors, and administrative staff have zero regards towards the students and their rights. The only thing they care about is sports and making sure they don't get sued. My experience here was so terrible that I considered many different options such as switching schools or doing online school. The counselors are also the worst, the only reason they knew who I was is because I had to constantly ask them to do their job. Some of the teachers are known racists and have posted derogatory comments on social media and somehow still have their job, I guess that's tenure for you. The only thing that I looked forward to was the cheeseburgers.
If you care about sports, not being proficient in math, and bullying other people while your teachers and counselors turn a blind eye, then look no further –Madison is the school for you!
I have nightmares about this school. I was relentlessly bullied to the point of nearly dropping out and the head counselor told me it was my fault.
I graduated from Madison high school in 2016 it was a great experience because all the sports teams I played for were at the most part successful. The teachers were good and being able to bus to this school was a great experience I’m glad I went here and no where else.
madison is a very good school, although the students may not always be the best the teachers and counselors are amazing. The teachers care about you and will take the time to help you understand the material and the counselors and avid teachers definitely help you through the college application process.
It is an okay school, it has what you need but there isn't anything special about it. Very big on sports and there are some advance classes.
Madison taught me a lot about connecting with others. There were many different groups you could be involved in through sports or even just an after school group.
Oh wow, oh wow, oh wow. I used to think Madison was a solid two star experience, but now that I can hear what high school was like for others when I’m in college? It’s far less than that. The counselors at this school will have you believe you’re meant for little more than community college, if you can even reach it. This goes for everyone, from the bottom of the class to the valedictorian. They could not care less about you until they need your federal survey card for funding or something. Compared to kids who didn’t go to Madison at my college, even to those from UCHS or even Clairemont, I feel ashamed of my experience. Yes, Madison won state champs no football, but there’s little more to the school than that. The hush-hush harassment cases and careless administration has me unsurprised that it’s so horrible. If you care about your kid’s future, you’ll fill out that change-school paper and get them far, far away from this nightmare.
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My experience was the student of month for this mainstream with deaf program school. I was first deaf student and very motivate with my educations. it made me change who I was a leader and support the students about their goal and life.
Very welcoming school. No extreme drug problems. Really good support system. The important part in picking a high school for you is to make sure they have the course options you need to help you graduate. At madison it is your counselors number 1 priority to make sure you have all of the credits you need to graduate including bonus opportunities like college courses on campus for FREE!!!
Madison High Schol is overall amazing school. The staff, especially counselors and teachers try their absolute hardest to make sure the students are ready for college. Not only that but they also make sure every student gets the required attention needed to be able to talk to them one on one about college and so on.
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