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I loved how all my teachers built a relationship with me where I could come to them for whatever. The school itself is great. I love the athletics the most here. All the coaching staff puts so much time and effort in perfecting their sport. Being in volleyball, I was able to see other sports around me and how happy everyone looked doing it.
I liked how the administration puts the student first above all else when dictating school policies. A change that could be made is to ease restrictions on students, for example taking down the gated fence outside the school because it makes it harder for students get to class by finding another route.
Madison was a great high school to attend, they had a lot of great programs to get involved in and amazing teachers that were there to help in any way possible. When it was time to head to college I was prepared academically and had help all along the way to be successful.
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I had a great time my four years at Madison. The teachers I had truly cared for me and have made a huge impact on my life thus far. I involved myself in many activities over the years to ensure I got the most out of my experience, and the people I met were amazing. The counselors, teachers, and administrators all made sure we were safe everyday and wanted to see us succeed.
Every teacher I have had has always done what’s best for their students even if we didn’t see that at the time. Our teachers, counselors, and principal staff are great and they actually care about their students. I did have a problem with harassment from a former student and they did everything they could to stop the student from hurting me. Very respectful staff. I also have some really funny teachers. They really care if you are okay.
I like how James Madison high school was very diverse when it came to economic status as well as ethnicity. I also enjoyed the availability of teachers ans their genuine concern for students. However, students have a hard time getting a one-on-one opportunity with a teachers because of the large school size. I would like the see class size change in order to better accommodate the students.
I enjoyed the way the teachers taught , I was never impresses with the way the school handles things or the people I was surrounded by. I feel like the school itself needs a better focus on actual education of the school.
Through Madison High school I have been opened to so many opportunities. I have joined the Cross country, track team and JROTC program. All through which I have met plenty of friends and support systems. All my teachers have been very supportive. Teacher and counselors have all given me the choices of many scholarships and opportunities to benefit my future and college application. I have excelled in my classes all around because of the tutoring and other options. All the teachers make it very clear they have your best interest in mind and want you to succeed. They put up gates around the school, although annoying at times, it was for safety purposes to ensure that we can feel safe at school. They make sure to hype up all sports and extra curricular activities hard work and make sure we are aware where and when they may be performing to go for support. Overall James Madison was a welcome place when I arrived here my sophomore year and I am so proud to be a maverick.
maybe if the teachers and staff actually tried to make it look like they cared about their students instead of wasting money on a useless fence and getting into sex scandals there’d be less suicides and shooting threats
The education is exceptional but there is an obvious lack of care provided by the counselors to ensure the safety and happiness of the students that attend this high school.
My experience at Madison was very positive. I had many teachers that visibly enjoyed helping others and worked hard to ensure their students could be successful. There are flaws at Madison just as there are flaws at any school.
I graduated from Madison High School in 2004. Access to AP and honor courses is great, this is a great school if you wish to have your child enter advanced courses and earn college credit before they enter college. This school is great for students that are interested in sports as well as having access to extracurricular activities such as sports, metal shop, horticulture, Ag science, and veterinary science.
My experience with the teachers at Madison was always exemplary, and it prepared me for where I’m headed to today.
Great school - lots of support if needed. The Science program needs to be updated, I think new labs are available. And, we finally got a new state of the Art dedicated CAD/CAM lab. The arts departments are superb
At Madison high school there is a lot of variety of classes that you can pick for you endorsements. The classes at Madison for you endorsement allows you to pick clases that you enjoy and it allows you to pick classes that interest you. The Madison campus is a great campus with many safety precautions but, the Madison can improve on the quality of the of some of the buildings. Some of the days when I’m there the K building air conditioning dose not work and the main building some of the class rooms dose not have cell service. As a result when the teacher has a interactive teaching lesson with students using their phones. Some of the students can’t use their phones because they can’t connect to the internet. But overall the Madison is very good campus.
There are a lot of amazing teachers, and I have learned a lot in the year I’ve been here. There are also a lot of great activity’s and uil in the school. I like the sports teams and am excited to try out for the Madison baseball team. I also enjoy the 50 food lines.
Madison High school is filled with qualified teachers capable of providing students with excellence to acquire good grades and obtain knowledge required to do good in school. Madison high school is a campus with a positive environment that takes necessary measures to assure our campus is a safe place for all students.
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I enjoyed the atmosphere on campus. The experiences that you can have vary depending on the teacher that you get for your classes. Sometimes that means that you make have teachers that make your day dreadful. And some teachers that make your day fun and exciting.
The teachers are hit or miss but the math department is great. All the AP and Pre-AP math teachers I had were very good and informative. The Ag teachers and Ag classes in general are top notch. They take extra time out of their days to makes sure our animal projects are healthy and are in the best shape possible for each and every show. They are also on top of competition team practices that not only help us with scholarships but also teach us real world skills.
Like every school, Madison has its share of fights and substance abuse, yet those negatives are trampled upon by the outpouring of support teachers and staff have for students here. Students aren't just told what to do but are given a chance to further their understanding and dive deeper into the big blue sea of their favorite subjects if they ask for the opportunity.
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