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The reason I ranked Madison High School above average was because of the teachers there. The teachers there really listen to students and care about what we have to say. They find ways to teach in new and outgoing ways that make learning an enjoyable experience. This school also has some really amazing classes that I haven't really heard of at most public schools. It is also the most culturally diverse school in Oregon.
It’s very diverse and the teachers are very understanding! I dislike how little funding oit sport teams receive though
Teachers are very nice, but the admin doesn't care about the students well being. Bathrooms are always dirty or locked. There are signs everywhere saying led contamination water fountains but yet there are no water dispensers to get water. Admin limits teacher resources and expects them to get materials for themselves. Male sports teams are always favored, resulting in those teams to get more money.
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I think most Madison teachers do a good job of supporting their students. They will take time after school and lunches to provide any academic support. The diversity at Madison provides for a place of discussion and safety for many marginalized communities. I have enjoyed my time although it has been cut short.
The diversity is great! The school is always trying to be very inclusive of everyone's backgrounds and cultures. There are a lot of resources for low-income families like food banks, free clothes, and extra support. The AP division is pretty top-notch and there are many AP class options. The teachers here are pretty alright but the clubs at Madison need work.
The teachers really are the shining stars of Madison. They GENUINELY care for every single student, and they go above and beyond to serve each one. The school's spirit and inclusive environment was amazing. There is always inclusive events happening all over campus for every group on campus. We continued to have open discussions when discourses arose in our community, and that led to strong bonds and increased empathy. Madison also has the most AP courses than any other Portland Public School, AVID, College Possible, PSU partnerships, and the college and career center. If you're looking to be college ready, Madison can provide the rigor to those seeking it.
When I went to Madison High School the student body was very diverse. I was fortunate enough to be involved in volleyball, basketball, and track team programs as well as being a trombonist in the symphonic school band. This enabled me to be able to interact with different people and expose myself to opportunities I wouldn't have ever dreamed of. For example, I had the privilege to represent my high school as the Rose Festival Princess during my senior year and I was able to get a summer internship from it.
I loved my 4 years I went there I was involved in the music department. That’s where I spent most of my time.
This school's teachers is very welcomed, and I wish Madison can pay more attention on tell people include but not limited to students and teachers to clean up the surrounding. However, I didn't mean that the surrounding for Madison High is dirty, but I want let "someone" to be careful about that.
Madison is a great community and a fabulous school to attend, but it lacks a bit in the academics department when compared to other schools in the area.
Madison is very diverse and gives everyone their voice in the school community. I've had far more good teachers than bad ones. I think the academics are greatly under appreciated, as many judge Madison as not challenging. Our sports teams aren't that great, though; and how good can public school really be?
Madison High School is very diverse, however, I still feel underrepresented as a Hispanic student. At Madison, there are many after school clubs and activities that help you apply for college, but the school culture lacks. I feel like the only thing I would change is the education system, and talking more about Mexican land since almost half of America was Mexican territory, we learn to ignore or to set aside Hispanic culture and only learn about the world blindly, just as if it were only Blacks and Whites. I don't think that's fair, because we learn the same thing almost every year, we never get the chance to learn about other races. If we do, it's just Asians, or Pacific Islanders, but never Mexicans or Hispanics, and that's terrible. Madison High School's college readiness however is slowly improving, in senior inquiry, we dive deeply into race and social justice and how America has developed over the years. Join Madison, you won't regret it. Make a change in the community.
In middle school, I felt that I had no support system. Nobody helped me when they saw me struggling to understand new things at a slower pace than my peers, and I was even brought out of class multiple times by a teacher to be told that I would never graduate high school or college. I felt belittled by the adults that I thought were supposed to have faith in me. At that point, I had decided that school wasn't for me.

I knew madison was going to be different from day one. I had never seen such a diverse group of people in one place in my primarily white city of Portland. My teachers showed interest in my academics and made sure I kept my grades up. I had the opportunity to be involved and was provided with mental health services and an IEP. I felt known, supported, and respected by my teachers for the first time.

My school has helped me discover my passions and has made learning an enjoyable experience. While parent involvement could be better, an active student body makes up for it.
Madison High School is a diverse place that allows the student to feel comfortable. The student established CREED (community, respect, equality, education, and diversity) into their daily school days which allows the school's community to flourish. The school have different support system that help the student like SUN, College Possible, Gear UP and ADIV.
The beautiful thing about Madison High School is that the level of Education are very good and most of the teacher there have high level of education and good experiences with teaching. Also, one key factor about Madison is the most diversity school that has lots of mixed beautiful cultures. Everyone at Madison are very helpful and we all like a family that help each other out.
I loved Madison’s Diversity. We had so many different faces and ethnicities and I think we as a student body did a great job of making sure everyone had a place. We also worked hard to integrate groups because we realized that with historical instances of oppression among people of color that strength comes in numbers. I loved how we were the first school in the PPS school district to have a “Ethnic Studies” class, with these classes we are given an opportunity to teach others about who we are as individuals. I think that level of understanding among peers gives us a common ground that makes being on campus a little more family like.
Madison High School feels like a home to me. It is enriched with good teachers, faculty and a wide variety in classes that can open doors for anyone. Although Madison is diverse, I feel it is not prepared to deal with sensitive topics such as sexism, racism and overall listening to the students.
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Madison is a very diverse school, with many teachers (especially in the Social Studies department) who truly care about their students. It doesn't have a great reputation, and part of that is justified. But all-in-all, it is a good place to receive a secondary education.
Madison High School sports suck! We lose all our games in every sports. And everyone is too loud, it is hard to concentrate in class. The kids here are so disrespectful. They make fun of special ed kids and the LGBTQ community. They say so much messed up stuff about violence like its a joke. And the kids here don't really care about there education at all. 0.5/10 would not recommend. There is probably a good 2% of the students who care and strive for good grades.
I really enjoyed the Restorative Justice circles we had where we would talk about current issues, but they were cut to fund more police in our school.. There are times when the lunch ladies will literally force you to take a fruit or vegetable, even if you don't want one or are allergic. But in the sense of teachers, I feel like I know so much more about the world and America's history than when I entered high school.I feel like we can never be fully prepared because we don't know what could happen. Madison counselors don't really advertise trade schools or jobs as much as going to a university, and I think that could be improved on. They're also not very good at advertising certain events, like women's sports. It has improved, but isn't recognized as much as boy's sports. Overall, I feel very lucky to have come to Madison because I made amazing friends, and had some awesome teachers guiding me.
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